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Where has my mojo gone?!


Woman on a mission!
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so I have been 100% on plan, going to the gym and generally loving SW.....until I went out this weekend and fell of the wagon, and since then I have started every day with good intentions and finishing the day well over my sins!

I know I want to get to goal, i know i can get to goal, so why am I putting obsticles in my own path?! :confused:

I want to get back on track, but my willpower and drive has hidden itself... Can someone give me a shove back in the right direction please?!?!?
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Ditto but im like this maybe once a week! :(


adores posting
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Hi there nattymo,
sorry to hear your dilema just think of that bridesmaid dress though will you fit in it, how will you look in it on the day do you want to look good, pretty, and think of the photos they will be looked at so many times by lots of people.
:D hope thats helped good luck and climb back on that wagon hun!

Happy Holidays

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At what point in the day do you 'fall of the wagon' where are you, what are you doing.

If you are at work & buy a choc bar, then don't take money to work, if at home, hide the syns. Make sure you have your fav SW foods in for snacking. Remember why you are doing this you want to be at target when you are a bridesmaid;)


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If you let yourself go now then you'll more than likely put on everything you've lost plus more. That's what I did last year. I lost 3 stone and then fell off the wagon for a year and put on 4½. If I'd have carried on I could have been 10 stone lighter by now but here I am having to start all over again. It's not worth it.

You're soooo close! Have a nose at the Inspiration Slideshow, it always helps me see why I'm doing this. Plus you've less than a stone to lose and we could be seeing your pics on the slideshow!


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I have just had this same problem for the last week or so. I went on holiday and I couldn't for the life of me get my head back into it. It was driving me absolutely crazy. Like you I would start the day off being really good, and by the evening I was eating everything under the sun, no control. Craving everything I shouldn't have.

The only thing that can do when I get like this is just to, fight it. I take every single day as it comes. and only think about that one day...I want to be good for that one day. Plan that day, write everything down and Don't think or worry about anything else. It's damn hard at times, but it's the only way for me. Ask yourself do you really need this? all the time, even if your in the middle of eating it. It usually takes me a couple of days fighting, and suddenly, somehow it just clicks again...and your enjoying healthy foods and have stopped craving the rubbish.

Just fight it. Fight that little person in your head telling you, you need it. Because you don't!!!

Though remember if your hungry eat, just try maybe making up a SF Soup that you can eat whenever you feel the need. and if you don't feel like eating that and only feel like eating that choccie or cake, then you know your not really hungry and you don't need it.

I know you can do it ... xx


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It happened to me too! But now I am back on track.
My main advice would be, don't let it get the better of you. Start each day with good intentions, if you mess up then put a line under it and start fresh the next day.
I went through it for about a week, each day starting with good intentions and then messing up in the evening, then all of a sudden I woke up one day and was focused again.
But I still mess up, especially on fri and sat evenings when I tend to go well over syns!!
Look at how much you've lost, you don't have much further to go to target and I bet you already look great with your loss.


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I start losing my mojo mid week... I start off so well feeling really motivated then a few days in I want to over syn and relax a little on my body magic schedule! By the time it's 2 or 3 days away from weigh in I realise I need to get down to it and stick to the plan! So far so good, but it can be so easy to go off plan which makes me feel super guilty the next day. In those moments I need to remind myself why I am doing this, I look at inspiring photos and read success stories and sometimes even pull out some clothes I can't fit into yet and it makes me feel more determined! I think you have to be psychologically geared into it and keep your mind focused on your goal especially as with someone like me its easy to slip back into old habits! Focus on what you are hoping to achieve from your weight loss, eg are you hoping to be a new dress size? Do you have a special occasion coming up you want to slim down for?


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Start doing the food diaries again and I'll keep bugging you :)
Just draw a big line and start fresh.
Have lots of water (even if it's mixed with Robinson's or something similar). Try the Green Lemon Tea (I recommend the Tetley's one) and I put 3-4 sweetners in to make it taste even better.
Try to look at other people's diaries for ideas on low syn treats and other meals as you may just be getting bored of eating the same food.
You can do it!!!! Take control now before it's too late...you only have 11.5 to lose.


Woman on a mission!
S: 11st9lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 28 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you all for your support. I am on day 2 of 100% and focussed again now and will be at target soon (I hope!). I know I have come too far to ever let myself slip off and pile it all back on - that I would never happen. Maybe i just needed to have a few off days (which werent even bad really - just not 100% - more like 97%!!), i think I just worried myself that I could lose control after being so 'good'.

Thank you though for your replies xx

Ps - Meli, diaries will be back on from tomorrow...promise!! xx


Always trying!
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This post just echoes what fantastic support this website really is and it's the people on it that make it just so! x

Baby wishes

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Hi Everyone,
Josiecat is so right, if you start the day with good intentions, soon your focus will return, even if it takes a week. I'm trying to lose weight to help me conceive (been trying for 2 yrs) and i fell off the wagon when a friend told me she was pregnant which was upsetting. Its taken me about 10 days but todays the day, i was following the plan without a group, but i'm back on track from now on and going to join a group on thurs.

Its so inspiring reading all the support, thanks everyone