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Where to begin?


"A place to get your head into gear?" I certainly hope so. I don't know what has happened to me. Honestly any advice would be appreciated.

2 years ago I decided I should lose some weight because I really wasn't eating well. I decided to take up running and eat approx 1200 calories a day. I'm a pretty determined person and I enjoy exercise so everything went pretty well. I didn't have too much to lose and lost half a stone in 2 weeks. Not satisfied I continued my regime which lasted... around 18 months.

18 months of calorie counting and running (both almost every day) probably demonstrates that determined streak inside me but I've crashed and burned.

I just couldn't do it anymore. Because I wasn't taking rest days I wasn't actually losing weight. I think my body must have had enough so just plateaued. Since about summer I have started binge eating and it truly is horrible. It got to the point of making myself feel ill although this past month it has been better but I just feel out of control.

I have put on weight but what worries me more is that I can't seem to stop this cycle. I've been injured too so exercising hasn't been happening either.

I will cancel plans or say I'm busy because I just don't like going out like this. Also I never make plans to go to restaurents etc. This sounds very unhealthy to me so I felt I would just write it all down and see if anyone has similar experiences or advice. I apologise for the rambling. If you got this far then thank you for even reading!
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well done for recognising that there are things that you are doing are unhealthy. This is a good sign that you are able to change your way of thinking and behaviour before it becomes uncontrollable. Have you thought about asking your gp to refer you for some counselling or CBT ? I think this would help! xx


Thanks for your reply :)

I have had a think about it more recently. Might be something I have to look into properly. Seems mad that you can't get control of yourself!


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Truly can empathise with you, but as others have said to me. You're in the right place by joining here, you will have people who understand and can advise you, comfort you.

I don't know if it will be of any help to you. But I've applied for eating counselling to run long side my Slimming World, just waiting to hear back for an appointment now. Sometimes I think these things need to be...attacked...from all angles. x


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I'm also familiar with how you're feeling and it's rubbish but we can do this!
My friends are planning a holiday this summer to a festival in Croatia which is on a beach/boats and I'm trying to think of an excuse to not go because I don't want to feel like a beached whale next to all of them...that's how I know I have to do something differently this time!!
Good luck with your journey lovely
It's so hard when I'm feeling that way, really not wanting to go out and being unmotivated to do anything about it is seriously tought to overcome. I think the suggestion to find someone to talk to is a great idea. I've also picked an event, something with my friends that I didn't want to go to and made myself go (even had a friend pick me up) What surprised me most was that I still had a good time, and I used that to remind myself the next time I tried to go out. I kept using it all to bolster myself.

Good luck and I hope you can feel better soon.


Thanks so much everyone. Just writing things down and then being able to read your thoughts and support have calmed me down and I am feeling slightly more in control!

Greengiraffe said:
What surprised me most was that I still had a good time, and I used that to remind myself the next time I tried to go out. I kept using it all to bolster myself
This is actually great advice to remember because there have been times I've made myself go out and it has still been fun.:)


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Nikki_a you sound just like me!

I was dieting and exercising for my wedding to the point where I crashed and burned. Enjoyed the wedding (at 7 stone) in August and have since put three on through binge eating and no exercising.

It really is a pain. A very viscuous cycle. Maybe we could help one another out of it?

I know I would LOVE to loose some of this weight I have gained!


Wow, well done on getting to 7 stone for your wedding MrsPopi! (and congratulations!:))

The crashing and burning stage is horrible :(. You know what you have achieved before so you can totally do it again :). Think we could both learn from our mistakes first time round and take it a bit easier so we don't burn out and it is more of a change in lifestyle... well, that is what I keep telling myself. I have yet to put it into practice! :p:rolleyes: