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Wheres Martin??


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
ano susan , am with u there, hope ur doin good martin.
sharon xx


in this to win!..
Hi guys, still here, I'm working so much that when I finish I'm so tired I never get on here long enough to reply.
My last day tomorrow then 5 days off!!

Last month has been a bit difficult for me, my partner Marta had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and has had complications since, hopefully this weekend will be the last visit to hospital and we can put it behind us and start again.

I am on day 12 and have my second weigh in tomorrow (cant wait)!!
I haven't weighed myself and have stuck to the diet apart from having a couple of tins of fish over the week.
My CDC said that it was okay to do that and a little protein wouldn't kick me out of ketosis, to compensate i have been on SS for a couple of days now, I feel great.

Still get tempted at times to break the rules but so far so good.

I hope your all doing well and look forward to getting on here more often - lol!
Take care
So sorry to hear your news Martin my thoughts are with u and Marta at a difficult time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Good luck with your weigh in tomoz
Hey Martin,

Good to hear from you again. Sounds like you're well into the swing of sole source - I had same as you earlier this week one day, then back on SS every other.

I'm sorry to hear your other news, mate. It's a tough time indeed, thoughts are with you both.


PS - All the best for weigh-in!


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
Hey Martin, sad to hear bout wots been goin on, hope u both are ok. Keep at the SS and good luck with tomorrow. Enjoy ur days off from work lol.
Sharon xx
Sorry to hear your news hun, it is very hard even without complications send your gf my best wishes.

You are doing so well on cd cant wait to hear how much you have lost.

Hopefully see you around soon, take care.xx


in this to win!..
I had 3rd weigh in today.

I've lost 3lbs.
I was a bit shocked it was so low at first but my CDC pointed out that it was pure fat and from now on It'll be fat burning not water retention.
Also I've lost 2 and a half inches of my waist, so all those moments where i thought my clothes felt a little looser were true - great!!
I wasn't going mad after all - lol!Altogether I've lost 9lbs in 2 weeks, looks like I'm on target to losing a stone a month which is very encouraging.
Its just after all the pain and suffering the last week I was hoping for more.
There are so many of you all doing so well that I was getting over excited about the chance of losing more.

Nevermind, I'm not quitting on this one - no way.

CDC said its time to start introducing exercising into my routine, like some weight lifting and a bit of cardio vascular like jogging in my local park for 30 mins.

Came away with a lower weight loss than I was expecting but still feel very positive!!

Woohoo - Go CD!!!!


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
Well done martin, just keep at it. Exercise will help speed weight lose n tone u up so thats wot to do.
sharon xx
So sorry to hear you news - it must be very tough on you both. Well done on sticking with CD, you clearly have the determination to lose and I'm sure you'll do great! Keep the faith!


now got pictures in album
S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb
Martin I'm really sorry to hear about Marta and hope that you are both ok xx

Well done on your weightloss, that is a really good loss :D
Hi Martin,

Well done on the weight loss, its all going in the right direction. The reduced waist must be really motivating! Its great when clothes start to get baggy - thats rewarding and is often a more accurate reflection than the numbers on the scales! :)

Good that you can start to exercise, me too. Will increase my dog walking time a bit. I'm also a member of the gyms in Southampton (the Quays in city centre, the Chamberlayne gym in Weston & the Leisure centre in Bitterne - all for around £30 a month) and have been paying my direct debit merrily for the last 10 months without actually going (although I do drive past it occasionally and look guiltily towards the building). :whacky068:

Well...NOT ANY MORE! I'm gonna get my monies worth from now on.

Get in touch if you ever fancy meeting up for a fizzy water and a brisk walk round Southampton. :bliss:

Take care -


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