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which diet?

I am struggling to find the right diet. I treid WW but didn't lose any weight. I am trying low carb at the moment but because of the high fat and protein I seem to be putting on weight because I keep goin over my calories. I am in ketosis at the moment but still no weight loss although my cravings have gone and I dont feel so hungry all the time. I am thinking of doing the judd diet with a low carb together. Any advice would be brill.
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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I've tried so many diets in my time and like you, they didn't seem to do anything for me. I just decided to go back to basics, and to count calories. Although it's tedious work, it gets easier as you go along. After all, you lose weight when you consume less calories than your body needs, so there's really no going wrong there. I've been amazed at how much weight I've lost in so little time with so little exercise. Maybe it's worth giving it a shot? Good luck whatever you decide.
I have done everything myself, Celebrity Slim, Motivation Clinic Dublin, Liptotrim, Weight Watchers and I am still finding it hard to decide. I keep going back to W Watchers because you are not deprived of foods, good luck whatever you decide to do x


One day at a time :)
I have to agree with Shelz & Peachy, long term it's not a diet if you aren't restricting yourself to certain types of foods. Although they initially work, for most people they are hardest to stick to.


A little of everything!
I agree with the above! Stop 'dieting'. Go back to basics, avoid processed/ready meals, eat as fresh as you can, watch your portion sizes, allow yourself occasional treats, swap white refined carbs for brown complex ones, and if you have a 'bad' day just start over the next. You need to make little changes that you'll be able to live with long-term? Good luck!
Thanx for all the replies. I don't understand the carbs and calories part. They say that eating carbs will mean your body will use this as energy and so will not lose fat! Yet even the low GI good for you rice and things have a lot of carb content. Surely it will make a difference to weight loss where your calories come from. i.e. from fat or carb content. Also I have two slipped discs and a really bad clicky shoulder so excersise is really difficult, any suggestions how I can lose weight without excersise? Sorry for all the questions but I am sooo unhappy at the moment. I lost 2 stone 11 years ago with WW and kept it off for over 9 years, I stayed at a reasonable 9st 3lb. Then in Nov 2009 I gave up smiking and have now put on nearly 3 stone but can't seem to get it off. As I said in my earlier post I went back to WW but only lost 7lb and I found I was hungry all the time.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I'm not sure about carbs and fat.. all I know is that eating carbs is a normal part of life so in no way would I ban them. I don't think I could find ways of eating all my calories in a day without them! I just switched to whole wheat rice and pasta and eat much smaller portions of them, compensating with more protein and veg, and it seems to be working. What don't you understand about calories?

Are you able to walk at all? Because a half hour walk will burn approximately 200 calories so that's good enough. I think the point is to integrate it to your life even if it's small things. If you can do crutches and sit-ups, that sort of thing, it can be good. I find I feel good even after doing thorough stretches so it's up to what you're able to do.
You can lose weight without exercise. I lost over 4 and a half stone dieting only - I couldn't exercise due to an car accident. Like all the others on this thread, I calorie count, eating basic unprocessed foods as much as possible. Everything is weighed or measured because even sticking to healthy foods, if you have a tendancy to overeat by eating portions that are far too big.

Whether you go it alone or join a club such as ww, make sure you use your free vegetables to stop yourself becoming hungry. Just because you are dieting, there is no need to go hungry.

I don't understand the carbs and calories part. They say that eating carbs will mean your body will use this as energy and so will not lose fat!
Um ... I don't know what the reasoning is behind this, but all I can say is that I lost just over 7st in a year eating mountains of carbs! :D

I followed Slimming World's 'Green' Plan, which is based around carbs. My metabolism seemed to go into overdrive when I began to eat this way. I think it's really an individual thing - some people lose really well on carbs, some lose better on lots of protein. The only way to find out what works FOR YOU is to try the different approaches. Don't assume that what someone else says will automatically apply to you.


One day at a time :)
Your meals should be balanced. Think of a side plate as a pie chart. half the plate sould be fruit/veg, 1/4 should be a protein like prawns/chicken stew etc and the last 1/4 should be made up of carbs (brown rice/brown pasta/wholegrain bread etc).

If you calorie count and eat 3 meals with these proportions then if you feel hungry you can fit in healthy snacks like raw fruit/veg etc.

If you eat like this 80-90% of the time then you will do fine!

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