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Which Diet???


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
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Its sounds like you either need weight watchers or slimming world.
Its a slower weight loss but probably healthier, and you can eat and whilst dieting you are learning how to eat healthier too.

I've been doing the Cambridge, and personally it works for me. But we are all different.

Good luck x
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Hi Cicerone, Thanks for your reply.

Ive read quite a few comments on here about the cambridge diet. In fact I did make an enquiry some time ago to my local CD counsellor. How do you find it? whats your usual weight loss? can you eat at all? sorry for all the questions.

Jayne xx
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To put my pennyworth in. I never been obsessed about losing weight, but over the years have tried many times. I finally decided I had to do something on health grounds. I decided to try a VLCD and picked Cambridge SS, I'm please to say in less than five weeks I have lost more weight than any diet before. So for me Cambridge is a good choice.
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Hi, thanks for that. Im just so torn as there are so many choices. I would love to lose weight quickly as I think it would motivate me further however I do suffer from hunger pangs if I go for more than a couple of hours without eating. I drink loads of water and dont find this always helps.

Thanks again.

Jayne xx


Cambridge Consultant
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Cambridge diet all the way!!!
I have done slimming world, weight watchers, paull mckenna, the lot they all work.. but for me the cambridge diet you see results quickly just depends on what you are looking for and I guess on each inidividuals needs.. Good luck with whatever diet you decide to do.
Why not have a look around the site and have a look at a few diets in more depth, youll see the advantages and disadvantages. They all work it just depends what youre looking for. Fast results, definitely a VLCD if youre happy with a slightly slower loss which allows you to eat, then WW or SW are great options.

Not sure if you meant to post this in CD section when you said initially you wanted a diet that allowed you to eat :)
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Hi, thanks for your responses. Im fairly new here. I signed up in September last year but have only just recently got my head into gear with regards to actually starting something. I wasnt sure where to post really so I may be in the wrong place.

Thanks so much.

Jayne xxx


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if eating is important to you, slimming world, scottish slimmers, weightwatchers, Tesco E diets. All are a decent shout. Oh aye and Atkins.

If you want fast results if your headspace is right, then try CD.
Just to say... you talk about hunger pangs but the good thing with the VLCD such as CD and Lipo. you enter into Ketosis which is a state in which you burn fat for energy... one of the side effects of this is that you actually feel less hungry... (you can still have hunger pangs caused by emotional hunger and cravings - but you get these on any diet too)
Boredom is one thing that can be tedious.. but with such fast results it can be a trade off... Like others have said read around... maybe post on each of the boards and ask questions about each diet before making your mind up...
I have done sooo many diets... but have come back to CD because of the fastness of the results.. I jsut wish I had done it properly last time!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
S: 11st0lb C: 11st0lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi janie, Shop around on here and you can get and idea of what diet will suit you from reading other posts.

CD is a great diet. The first week is the hardest, but once your in the fat burning stage, which is usually day four, you start to feel great.

My skin is so much healthier, I dont feel sluggish anymore, and have tonnes of energy. Gentle exercise is also important, as your losing weight quickly you dont want saggy skin, so lots of toning exercises are recommended.

Would be lovely to hear what you decide xx
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Thanks so much for all your replies. Ive just bought a book called 'The Lunch Box Diet' so I may try this first to see how I get on.

I think my next choice will be CD.

Jayne xx

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