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which exercise dvd???

I'm sure this question has been asked before but which exercise dvd would you recommend for a 44yr old mum who's 5 stones overweight and hasn't done anything too physical since her last school hockey match! :rolleyes: There are so many to choose from...I don't know where to start! :thankyou:
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I'm 26, had a second child 4 months ago and am seriously unfit and I'm going to buy 30 minute shred! Looks hard but amazing! The women from the biggest looser us does it.

Good luck!
Hi Mummytummy,

Thanks for your reply. I just had a look at it on Amazon and it has some really good reviews, although it does look like its not for the faint hearted!! ;) Good luck with your own weight loss xx


One day at a time :)
I have the Coleen Nolan Disco Burn because I thought that one looked a little less mad than some of the others. It's really good & there's some really helpful dietary advice on there too!
Thanks Chocolatecat (cool name btw!)

I'm not sure about doing anything too strenuous, I'm really unfit, so I probably ought to ease myself into it. I'll have a look at Colleen on Amazon xx

I'm completely new here but just wanted to tell you from my experience as still being very overweight and having started exercising when I was REALLY unfit that I don't think Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred is the easiest one to start with. Depends on what you want of course, but that one's definitely not something that eases you into exercising! It does get you results, but can be terribly hard to do at first if you're really unfit. Unless that's exactly what you want, really challenge yourself, then go for it!

I've really liked all sorts of yoga dvds, but of course that isn't about cardio at all, but it does at least get you (=me) off that couch. :) These days I also do Jillian Michaels' workouts, but I still find those hard, after several months of building up my fitness level, though I did start after years of having had light walks as my only exercise. I really enjoy the zumba dvds, so I suspect any kind of dance workout would be good for me - it's fun and you're exercising pretty hard without even noticing. So it really depends on what kind of exercise you like.
Hi Strawberry78, thanks so much for yr interesting post.
I have a fitness level of zero so I'm a compete beginner! I do quite fancy a dance exercise dvd now that u mention it. I don't think I'm up to squats and curls but I cud manage a bit of jiggin about to music and maby build it up from there. I'd like to walk a bit more but the weather's bin so bad l just can't get motivated to go outside!
Glad I could help! Walking is a good way to get started, but bad weather does make it much less appealing...

I find squats and such pretty challenging still, especially as they seem to give me a sore knee. :( That's why I do the Jillian Michaels ones less often, but the zumba dvds I can do every day if I feel like it! Plus I use my crosstrainer quite often as well. Mixing it up seems to work for me best, as I get bored with any kind of exercise if I do it too often.

I guess it's the same of al of us, just a matter of trying things out and finding what we like - I never thought I'd like working out really hard, but it turns out I do, at times anyway. :)

Good luck with finding out what works for you!

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