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Which Laxatives?!

Can anyone tell me which Laxatives I should buy? I got so spoilt for choice in Sainburys I left with none! Couldn't make up my mind which ones were okay to use on CD.

I'm already using psyllium husks, the powdered kind, adding it to my shakes every day. I don't like the bars and ever since I gave up on them (during week 3), I have had toilet issues!!!!! :eek: So I'd really rather not feel like I'm giving birth every time I need to erm.. go... so I thought Laxatives may help. But I don't want to effect my diet and weightloss!

Can anyone help?
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Lighterlife reccommend 'dulcolax' they are in a green box and you can get them in most supermarkets and chemists... so i would assume it's the same for all vlcd

warning! Only take :eek: 1 hope have some movement soon:)
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warning! Only take :eek: 1 hope have some movement soon:)
Yes - read the box and don't take 4 like I did!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Make sure it's the perles
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Agony?? I almost reached goal overnight!!! ;)
Gold standard laxative. MOVICOL!

I used to be a medical rep working for a company that made 'constipation' products. I sold a product called MOVICOL, which is available over the counter at a pharmacy, (£8ish for 20 sachets) or on prescription from your GP. I works completely differently to other products by creating a 'bolus' of water that travels down the gut quickly, and softens the stool, thus making a comfortable evacuation. It works in a more 'gentle' fashion, no griping pains like a lot of laxatives eg senna, dulcolax.
Having had the need to use it recently, i can vouch that it is totally brilliant. When you feel that your bowel is full (weekly, or twice weekly or whatever), take a couple of sachets, an hour or 2 apart, and wait for the results, another couple of hours later. You mix the sachets in 125ml water. They are flavoured, and fine to take. They dont affect your diet as the contents are not absorbed through the gut (molecules too big). You can use them everyday if you like, but you dont have to. I use 2 sachets twice a week, ie £1.60 a week, or FREE from the GP if you're entitled to free prescriptions!

It really is a great product. Sorry for going into rep mode! It's the gold standard for laxative!
hehe will check it out at the chemist.. sounds good though... anything that means i don't sit on the toilet for hours and then feel like i'm having a baby will be an improvement!!!
Agony?? I almost reached goal overnight!!! ;)
lmao!!!!!!!! Sorry,. but that made me laugh so much my sides hurt!!!!!!!!!!

Cant believe you took 4 at once, Im surprised you didnt turn inside out!


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My CDC recommeded either senokot or dulcolax. I took 2 dulcolax last night but not really had any effect, I'll try another 2 tonight.

It takes 24 hours for them to work...Please wait the 24 hours or you could find yourself exploding on the toilet:eek: That's if you make it to the toilet!!!

I took one and nothing was happening and was about to take the second when I asked about it online and Brightness told me to wait the 24 hours...so glad I did:eek:


Focused & goin for goal!
Feeling a bit bunged up!! If I take 2 senokot now, am I likely to explode during the day?!?!?! It says on the pack to take two at night but I need sorting NOW!
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When i did lipotrim last time i found i could not go to the toilet unless i took laxatives. Namely ducolax before them i once had an impactation although not nice to talk about by doing so helps others to embarrased to ask questions. I thought i would need to go to hospital when i did eventually go it to the loo it was horrendous There was blood in the loo etc and that was after loads of water warm and cold and getting hold of laxatives to remove the impactation. I vowed never again after that if i had not been in two days from then on i automatically take a laxative i was told before that to have fibregel which actually made me worse. If anyone doesnt need laxatives on the diet i would say its a miracle, also i was drinking 6litres of water and when i rang the helpline i was told you are not drinking enough to up it to 8 which i have read since is actually dangerous for someone my height etc i am 5ft 2in tall. My son was on the diet he also had to take ducolax. I think with cambridge the add a meal week is a good idea because at least if a lot of weight to lose you dont have to carry on like that with no break where you can add a bit of veg Laura 5510
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Hi there i did actually wonder about phsyllium husks as atkins reccomended them. Did they actually work and you only need laxatives as you no longer take them? or do they not work that well? I was once on atkins and was never once constipated and i wasn`t taking any laxatives etc although i would not reccomend the diet all the meat etc he did have a lot of stuff right though for example going into ketosis burning the weight off more quickly etc. I did lipotrim lost all my weight but have gained and am now back and trying cambridge.

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