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Which plan? Confused.com!!!


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I need to get back onto slimming world but am confused as to which plan to follow.
I know you can chop and change but unsure about extra easy. Is this the best plan to be on? Most of the recipes in the magazine only have extra easy sin values, is this because it is the best?
I used to be a member years ago so am used to the red and green days. Finding it difficult to retrain my brain that you can eat both red and green food at once and still lose weight.
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hello! There are members at my group who swear by the EE plan but I don't find it works for me and I've switched to mainly red days to see how that goes - lost 4lb on first week of red days. Somebody very kindly pointed out to me today that the magazine does in fact list the syn value for all the recipes on a page towards the back.
1st week : lost 3.5lb
2nd week : gained 1lb (?????)
3rd week : lost 1.5lb
4th week : lost 1.0lb
(Went on holiday and gained 3lbs)
7th week: gained another 0.5lb
Got hacked off and switched to mainly red days on advice of consultant
8th week : lost 4lb

Total weight loss over 8 weeks 5.5lb. Now, I know the 3lb gain was my own doing due to eating and drinking my own bodyweight on holiday, but the 2nd week gain came out of nowhere and the 7th week gain stumped me unless it was a leftover from my holiday - but I'd been back on plan for about 8 days before that WI. I was listening to all these great losses - 4lb here, 5lb there, 3.5lb there and felt there must be something wrong somewhere. Am waiting to see what next Monday WI brings as I've had red days so far and plan to continue until WI with maybe one EE over the weekend.
I've tried EE days but found I always had a gain when I did them, coincidence or just not doing it right???? I don't know.

Depending on how I feel in the morning I either have a red or green day. But I usually have green as I'm not a big meat eater. If I do have red days I usually eat fish or chicken.

Give EE a whirl & see how you get on, lots of people love it & lose sooooo much.;)
I'm really confused as to what to do.
Can you let me know how you get on at your weigh in?
Do you not like doing the green days either?
Well I'm new at this and following the advice of my consultant.
Doing it wrong or right - well, I track online so it's fairly difficult to do it wrong, as I can only choose free food if it's there online and I can't have too many healthy extras as online will only let you enter 2.
I must say there are people in my class who have weight DROPPING off them following EE and it's that sort of thing that was causing my frustration.


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Hi Happyholidays
I have heard people rave about it alot. So is it a general rule that you can eat both green and red days as long as 1/3 of your plate is salad or veg?
extra easy

hi i started following s/w this week i too done it when it was red and green days and when i first looked at extra easy thought no way will i lose weight doing it and my brain was finding it hard to take it all in but have had a couple of people on here helping me out i'm doing a food diary if i go wrong they put me right which is a lot of help take a look at my diary to see what i've been eating and the comments that have been made it's called here i go again food diary i weigh in on monday so it will be interesting to see how i've got on. i remember on the red days i lost 18lb in 5 weeks but somedays i did fancy green food with my red so the new plan is ideal really and once you get to grips with it is easy to follow and the main thing i havent felt hungry yay lol give it a try good luck val :)
Hi there,

There isn't a plan that's better than the others. All the plans work if you follow them 100%, but you might find some plans work better than others - regarding your lifestyle, eating preferences and losses. This totally depends on the individual, you need to find what plan(s) work best for you.

I'm not really a big meat eater, so doing mainly Green days with one or two EE days suit my eating habits perfectly.
Spuds, everyone is different. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.
I can do a whole week of green days and lose weight, some can't even do one.
EE works for the majority of people if followed correctly (I'm not suggesting for a minute that those people who don't follow it don't do it right though!).
You need to get all the info and see what works for you, but remember, a week isn't enough time to get a true reflection on the losses, give it a month.
I'm really confused as to what to do.
Can you let me know how you get on at your weigh in?
Do you not like doing the green days either?
No two people are the same - there is someone in our group who is having huge losses on EE, but I can't get on with it at all.

People often say that they don't get on with green, but I have my best losses on green.

We can't tell you which plan will suit you, I'm afraid - it's trial and error until you find the right one for you.
I think if you have never done Slimming World before the Extra easy plan is the easiest to take on board, as for me it most closely resembled what I would expect to have in meal anyway without having to think too much about it (meat+carbs+veg=meal). If you pick red or green, you have to remember what meat/carbs you've had that day as you can only have a certain amount and you have to weigh it.

The 1/3 superfree part isnt a problem for me - but then i love veg - people who dont struggle with that part.

The most restrictive part on EE is the healthy extras, you only get one of each type - if you are used to eating cereal for breakfast and having a sandwich for lunch for example you may struggle.

I know that lots of people struggle to get their heads round extra easy, and I'm generally confused as to why. I think its when people have been used to diets in the past (ie either Slimming World red and green days, or other types of calorie controlled or carb limited diets) - they cant understand how suddenly you can eat as much carbs/protein as you like.

Believe me, I dont know why it works either - but for me it does.

I've been losing steadily since Feb and have lost over 2 1/2 stone in that time, which I am perfectly happy with.

There are some people that dont get along with EE and get better losses on red or green - and everyone is different, so thats probably right. But I do think its worth giving EE a go first as its far more flexible and simple to plan around.

Unless you are vegetarian - in which case it probably makes most sense to go green.
Thanks guys for all the advice, really.
I think i'll read through all the plans again and make a decision.
Would i have to stick to easy extra or could i swap the next day to red or green?
Congrats on your weightloss mandy.
You are so right about people being used to a certain kind of diet. Before thinking about slimming world again i was doing weight watchers, so used to counting points, i'm finding it hard to get out of that mindset. I'll look at sw recipes and think i'll never lose weight eating that because its 25 points!!
Need a complete rethink.
I have never done an ee day so can't say anything baout it. Plenty on here do do it though & again plenty loose on the plan.

I enjoy red & green days & chop & change plan to what ever takes my fancy that particular day.

What ever you decide, they do reccommed that you give your body time to adjust to the individual plans when 1st starting x

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