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Which Plan is the most popular? EE, Red or Green?

I started sw over 7 weeks ago and have followed ee and lost every week apart from 1 when i maintained. Everybody is different but on ee it is very important to have 1/3 superfree with each meal and i think thats what make a difference on weightloss. If my weightloss stalls for a couple of weeks or so then i will maybe consider doing red or green otherwise i like the freedom in ee xx


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I find EE too complicated as i've always done red or green, i cant be bothered to worry about how much food is on my plate i just want to eat it, so i stick mainly to green because we dont eat a lot of meat here and what we do i use as HE! :)
Hi to both of you and thanks for your replies.

With the EE plan when it says eat a third superfree with each meal does that include the veg than may be in my stew for instance as I tend to throw in as much veg as I can to bulk it up, or must it be a veg/salad on my plate ?


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Hi Jessie,

I also only do EE. On plan since mid August and have lost week every week bar 2 (one, I knew exactly why I didn't lose, the other I was on holiday - again, totally clear why I didn't lose !). I love the flexibility and I eat large portions. Also would be happy to try green or red, but this is working for me. Agree with previous posting. The 1/3 superfree is really important. I don't think it matters whether it's in your food or on the side (mine is often in my food like you) but it must be at least 1/3. It's partly to help with portion control and it works ! I also think it helps to drink plenty (of water !). I wasn't a big drinker before but I've tried this week and I think it's made a difference.

Good luck.

Gail x
Hi yes it doesnt matter whether its a salad or something like mushrooms,peppers etc in your food. I tend to make superfree soups with loads of superfree veg and sometimes i chuck some chicken into it too. With breakfast i tend to have some fruit like banana or rasberries after my weetabix or eggs to make sure i have had my 1/3 xx
Started doing SW in late July and have been doing mainly EE. Have lost every week except one when I STS - and that week I had a couple of Green days, LOL! Think I'm going to stick with EE it seems to be working for me.



Now to maintain.....
i do all 3 plans...i decide on the day what is going to suit me best!
for the first 13 weeks though i didnt dare do anything other than ee! then i tried a green day and didnt look back! ever since then ive mixed all 3.

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