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Which stores clothing range is smallest?


Back to the grindstone!!
Okay folks, I know it is a silly question and probably already been discussed at length but I was wondering if anyone out there knows which of the high street stores has the smallest sizes?:sign0163:
I am thinking along the lines of wanting to fit into a size 10 but if I fit into a Next 10 will I still fit into a Dorothy perkins 10? Get my drift?
If I know who makes the smallest version of the 10 then if I fit that then I will fit any of them?!
Perhaps a bit of crooked thinking but I live in hope. I am down to a 14-16 from a 20 so I am getting there!! :clap:
Thanks very much folks!!!:D
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From a blokes point of view I have to say River Island is having a laugh!!! There sizes come up so very very small and I know my Jo says their womens ranges are the same.

To be honest the cut varies so much from item to item that this question is impossible to answer however, from looking at the size guides on all of the websites you can get a good idea. Also - the major high street stores review their sizing each season, and certain lines are made by different factories who will have different pattern cutting methods. Also when they cut say 20 garments with the giant material cookie cutter machines, the pieces at the bottom of the pile can be as much as an inch smaller than the ones on teh top - so even the same item of clothing in the same shop on the same rack can be different!

Topshop and Oasis were the smallest mainstream ones I found (on some sizes though Dorothy Perkins cut smaller! and they're supposed to be generous). I have size 8 M&S jeans and size 10 Dorothy Perkins jeans and both of them fit me exactly the same. H&M cut small on the tops but large on the hips but small on the thighs (their clothes are designed for tall, leggy scandinavians)

I found a figure hugging size 10 dress in Topshop and used that. But I would suggest visiting the websites of the shops you use and looking for their size guides and looking at the differences there.


Strong women stay slim
Cambridge insppitation june 07 book has something in there
About shop Sizing secrets revealed , did you see it ?


Strong women stay slim
The stores are listing Debenhams , Evans , M&S , and theres a chart there , says ever wondered why you may be a size 12 in one shop, and a size 14 in another and on a good day perhaps even a 10 somewhere else ? then has the guide in various high street shops differ significantly-up to three inches in some cases --- A size 18 in M&S is considerably smaller than the measurements for the same size in both debenhams and Evans .
Other factors such as style , fit and the material of clothing will also impact on the sizing but at the end of the day , unless you're having a slim day , it may not be wise to buy your skinny jeans from M&S
Yes but I got a pair of size 8 jeans from M&S a couple of months back ago and they still fit me even though I've put on a stone.


has started again!!
I tried on ( and bought) a size 12 Lonsdale hoodie today. It fitted really well. (the 14 I tried was far too loose). The odd thing is, I tried it on over a size 20 (??!!??) long sleeve t-shirt from Matalan, that also fits ok. How does that work?

At the mo I have size 14 jeans that literally fall down on me, but the size 12s I have, in waiting, are too tight to breathe??

I tend to judge clothes by the way they look, size wise, rather than what the label says. Mind you, thats not to say that if I ever reach a "proper" 12 or even 10, I wont be utterly elated!!
i've worked in river island for year and a half and their sizes are cut to the size below and are ery tight fitting i'm a 16 in river island sizes
yet i work in evans now and the size 16s in there hang off me....there is a new theory goingaround evans stores that they are making the clothes bigger to make the consumer feel better when they are needing a smaller size - therefore making them feel great "oh finally i have gotton into a size 16" only for it to be actually cut to a size 18/20...but making hte consumer feel good is what is selling so many of their clothes...they are spending **** loads of money on marketing the products lately. spent £1000 on each carboard fixtures in the flagship stores and each store has five and there are 15 flag stores (ridiculous amount of money for cardboard if you ask me) and also the new advert is being in the coronation street break slot (very expensive highly demanded slot)

but dotty p's (dorothy perkins) sizes seem to be hitting the mark at the moment - those smock tops im sorry but are just not flattering at all and finally seem to be going out of fashion slightly thank god!
but other than that the tops and trousers seem to be just about right i'd say in there...very similar to the sizes in next (which have some gorgeous stuff in this season) once i loose some weight im treating myself to a nice dress from there for christmas
happy shopping :)
Now - I always found Dorothy Perkins to be on the small size for my body shape. When I was a comfortable 14 from most other shops, I could not touch anything in Dotty P's.

I am a size 12 in most shops now, but haven't tried Dotty P's size 12 trousers yet, so maybe I should wander in and have a go?

MK One are also on the small size.

Haven't tried anything in River Island. Their prices make me :cry:

Tesco sizes are very generous though!

And I almost fitted into a size 8 Zara skirt today!! Almost!
I never use to go near traditional high street shops pre LL, bar a few like New Look that had a plus sized section, Dorothy Perkins that again went up to larger sizes and of course Evans.

Strangely enough I never found anything in Evans I ever liked (no offence to anyone that shopped or shops there) I just found a lot of the stuff frumpy. The prob I had with New Look was that a lot of their tops were short sleeved or sleeveless and the 16's too tight but the 18's used to look wrong. I once nipped into Dorothy Perkins after work because I needed a black neck jumper and picked up a size 18 just to err on the side of caution and it was too tight! - I had to return it and the size 20 I tried on was too tight, on the off chance I tried on a 16 and it was too big! - go figure.

I always found Marks & Spencers tops too short in the body - its like they would sit bang on the top part of your waist and every top made me look boxy - I am not tall only 5ft 5 and a bit:confused: - although I am busty. Debenhams weren't too bad, but I very rarely found things I liked in there.

Recently I got into a size 12 Primark top (budget doesn't extend to normal high street at the mo :sigh:) and am delighted to report that apart from squeezage at the boobs it fits perfectly and it's kinda meant to be worn unbuttoned.

My fantasy list of shops has always been high street staples like Top Shop, Zara, Miss Sixty Mango, French Connection and Warehouse oooh and River Island , not sure why but I have always associated those shops with being slim. I haven't ventured into them just yet, am too scared that I am still too big to fit into anything from there and don't want to start feeling negative about myself.

I have a pair of size 16 jeans from New Look's plus sized section that I still wear although I have to cinch in the belt so tight that I end up with this lovely bulge in the crotch and below the tummy:eek:, they hang off me now, but I am too much of chicken to go and try on any other jeans in case it's all an illusion and besides the jeans are from the plus sized section of the store and I have absolutely no idea what size I am in "regular" sizes.

Wow, this was only supped to be a short post and I have waffled for ages. I just love, love talking about clothes and fashion.:D


Back to the grindstone!!
Thanks guys,
I think that I will wait a bit longer before I go and do the rounds of the high street stores. I always hated shopping in the majority of them for the obvious reasons of nothing I liked fitting me, in fact, most things laughed at me when I picked them up! lol
I look forward to going in and being able to try things on and perhaps even buy a few items! That is a nice goal to aim for!!!
I am thinking along the lines of wanting to fit into a size 10 but if I fit into a Next 10 will I still fit into a Dorothy perkins 10? Get my drift?
If I know who makes the smallest version of the 10 then if I fit that then I will fit any of them?!
Perhaps a bit of crooked thinking but I live in hope.
If you fit in the smallest 10 then you may find some of the shops size 10s are more like 12s so may be too big.

It would be great if the sizes were all standardised between shops so that we don't have to worry about which shops we can go to.

What's the point of some shops making their sizes bigger other than to mislead people about their size? I bet none of us can truly say what size we are because they differ so much between shops.

It would be great though if we could get a list of measurements from each so that we can see which retailers have the smallest and largest
measurements for each size.
Yes i would agree it is impossible to have just one size!! I have one size 8 skirt, several size 10 jeans, trousers and skirts, and size 12 skirts and dresses and even some size 14 tops and dresses as i am quite busty too. You just have to try stuff on which is a pain for ordering on t'internet as returning stuff really bugs me!!

Also my weight fluctuates wildly so what fits me one day will look awful on me the next.

It's a constant battle, it's a good job i have 3 x double wardrobes full of all the above sizes!!!! lol
Anyone have any idea how Principles and Wallis sizes compare to other shops?

I am just going from hazy memory but I remember hearing that a Wallis size 12 was actually closer to a 14 and a wallis size 14 closer to a 16 - not sure accurate this info is - but remember hearing it a few years back - if someone has more recent info please feel free to correct me...:)
I have a size 10 skirt from principles, and would say that I could only get away with a 10 in the most generous shops.

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