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which to do

hi everyone...i thought i was sorted with the cambridge diet although i dont feel my cd councellor is right for me but after reading loads of diff peoples success stories i dont know what to do...i have about 4 more stone to lose i have lost nearly 2 already...please can some of you give me you honest opinions on the diff vlcd as its not about the money i where i live there isnt a choice of councellors for cd with out driving more than 20 miles..
i really want to get back on the wagon...i have some cd stuff left and will get back on it on monday after mothers day..
please help
karen xx
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Personally i do like cambridge, its cheaper than lighter life and i like the tetras as for some reason i find it easier with them, have no clue why??? If youd like a buddy id be happy to help its my forst day ss today eeek, good luck with your decision and journey
Hi Karen,
Well done so far! I liked CD (lost 5 st in 2006) but also had to travel 20 miles to CDC.Local CDC didn't suit. I also felt CD was expensive and discovered avidlite on internet. Their products seem similar to CD but aren't recommended for total meal replacement - except a few! I buy porridge, bars and shakes or puddings. I have 4 / day plus a multi vitamin( £1 for a month at Tesco). I also make vegetable soup and have a couple of big bowls - reckon that gives me enough vitamins and also stops me getting constipated, which was a problem for me on CD! Two or three times a week I have some fish or chicken and veg or salad (just when I feel the NEED for food!).
I've lost a stone in 6 weeks - similar to CD as i've had a weekend away and two meals out in that time. It costs me under £25 a week. I want to lose another 2st 7lb for Summer hols.
If you've done a VLCD before, I don't think that a counsellor is crucial - but I know many will disagree. It's really down to individual needs and choice.
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy to be slim at last
Just to give you something else to consider, you could do Exante. You can buy it online if you don't have a counsellor in your area. It's the most natural VLCD around. The products are really nice. And there are a few of us on the Exante board all supporting each other. You can buy the products online on www.exanteinc.com. I have been doing it for 10 weeks now and it's working just fine for me. :D
Personally i do like cambridge, its cheaper than lighter life and i like the tetras as for some reason i find it easier with them, have no clue why??? If youd like a buddy id be happy to help its my forst day ss today eeek, good luck with your decision and journey
hi would love to buddy up..is there a way to private message then mobile numbers can be swapped if you want to...im gonna start back on monday..gonna get mothers day over
karen x
hi...thanks for getting back to me...are you a mum too...if so happy mothers day to you...we are of to cleethorpes for a little walk on the beach with fred...its only about 35 min drive from us...then gonna get myself sorted ready for starting back on diet tomorrow...i have 157 days til im of to america...not that im counting..lol
Hey Freddys mum! Good luck today i'll be thinking of you. Im on day 3 now yesterday was hard but i am determined! We can so do this and be healthy and happy in a few months yay for us!!
Yes i am a mum to 3 kids 2 boys and a girl.
We live in southampton. I cant seem to private messgae you i think you have to post 50 times before you can do that!! Wl just have to kep chatting on here untill then then we can exchange e mails etc.
My name is sarah gates if you have facebook add me itl say sarah gates was hawkins, just let me know its you cos i may not associate your real name with freddys mum cos im a bit daft sometimes! Look forwar to hearing from you xxxx Good luck and strength for today
hi i found you after trawling through lots of sarah gates i put in the was hawkins...doh...and found you straight away...how thick am i...well i have had my apple and cinnamon porridge and 2 black tea and 2 glasses of water...but i have been up since 4ish...
im going to be good...i have decided at least til my birthday next month then might have a day off...but will see...will prob do ss as i struggle when i have food it makes me want more...but i do go to various classes (excersise ones) and not sure if i need to have some food cause it can make you not lose weight for some reason.. i was told this on cambridge forum...but will see...
hope you have a good day and speak soon
karen xx
i cant have food if i add it i go mad and just end up blowing it comletley!!
Think i need the abstenence to remove the whole issue im just not going to eat, im trying to look on it that i can eat i just choose not to! wow check me all powrfull :)
As for ss and exercise i believe its best not to exercise untill your body has adjusted to lack of calories then i think its ok to. A friend did lighter life and she exercised and was fine i guess it helps with toning up as well!! i am concerned about looking like jelly on a plate :) xxx Do you know you are the only person to ever reply to a post on here!!! Was getting paranoid that i must be incredibly horrible or something. Dont know if there is an established group of regulars and the rest of us get left?? How have you found it???
i have gave up worrying about looking silly and wobbling ...i usually end up laughing so much at myself when im at one of the exercise classes that i dont care what others think..i do have wii fit too...but now i go to leisure centre i find it quite tame...it doesnt make me sweat..yuk...:(
well i have worked out i want to lose at least 4 more stone...but i am aiming to get into the 13 s as a mini goal...its only just over a stone away...
what about you
take care and hugs
karen x
im on there to so thats good same name so i posted a question on here, still no response and the same question there and its answered!
Weird!!! As im all up for as much support as we can get and give!
I have 4 stone to lose too, not gyming at mo as cdc said best to wait a couple of weeks to adjust to lack of cals :(
I do go gym normally but got a bit crap lately so hence ending up looking like a heffer :)) oh well
Thats one of my mini goals to start exercising 2 weeks in.
Be great to have each other as we are basically at the same bit yay for us!
Yay for Freddys mum :)
Hows your day going?;)
manage to drink 5 big glasses of water 3 weak black teas and had my porridge...got to take fred to toy library soon..dont know how im gonna make it..its only about 4 miles away in next village but im in the loo quite a bit...not sure why i go to toy libruary..i started so fred had little ones to play with...his bros are 22, 21 and 18 and no little ones in our village..but its new and sometime a woman comes with her 7month old...then i hired a toy he didnt have at home and he wont go near it...typical...
not gonna have my soup til i get back...cant put anymore liquids in me or i will be needing nappies..
so hows your day going...hpe its going well
take care
:eek:Ahhhhhh you did what i did my daughter is 3 her brothers 14 and 16!

What a coincidence. I grew up in Cornwall so am used to the village thing, i actually prefer it to the city:rolleyes:
I am beginning to think cambridge should come with catheters or at the least tenna ladies for those laughy coughy moments;)
am doing ok cept the badbreath and coldness brrrrrrrrrrr.

Well even if Freddy doesnt enjoy the toys think of the exercise yay you. Hope its still going well stay strong hugs x
i know exactly what you mean...its my birthday next month...think i will be asking for tenna ladies...well its not quite that bad but the sudden need is bad...
where we live isnt a village its a hamlet...no pub/shop...just a church that has services once a month...and where we are is us and next door...its great...couldnt live in a town or city again...i was born in sheffield and i go visit my mum at least twice a week...i hate the hustle and bustle...and the worry over bad stuff...freddy loves going to the toy library or toddlers and tiddlers and also to the creche...my day is going ok...but it is day 1 AGAIN...but it has to start somewhere...so hows it going for you...i have a busy week this week ...picking up son to come for tea tomorrow and got freds 2and half check on wednesday then thursday a wedding in halifax...so its gonna be difficult getting enough water in with all the driving im gonna have to do
anyhow better go and help fred build with his duplo...its now all over the floor :(:(
take care x
its going ok am really cold though! My 2 boys have also told me i need a toxic sticker stuck on my head for the bad breath!!!!!!! nice not!! Cant find those airwaves strips anywhere! Are you allowed anything else i think i need crime scene tape so everyone keeps there distance and is safe:(
Glad your doing well hun.... well done i am proud of you. What you need is one of those i love beer hats from the 80s that had starws attached shove a couple of straws on top your good to go in the car..... mind you then youd need something theother end to drain hmmmm.
Defo going to have to get tenna ladies before i star the gym god jumping.... with this bladder;) xxx
yea..i have a private messages bit now im over 50 posts...those word posts helped alot..i tend to carry tooth brush and pearl drops tooth paste and i use loads of mouth wash...but hubby never complained yet...he knows if he did i would prob not kiss him again..
the joys of sons are they can be very blunt...im glad the oldest have all left home i would hear nothing but complaints and gross comments...
well of to body balance in 20 min...its 15 miles away but worth it...i love it so much...well this is day one just about over ..had porridge, strawberry shake and gonna have mushroom soup when i get back...so what have you had today
catch you soon
karen x