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Which VLCD????


I posted this in a thread earlier, but tought I would put it up here too.
Hi, I am Roxanne I have just joined!

I am just 26, and I think I weigh about 21 stone (my scales don't go that high!!) and I am about 5ft 6"!! I have put on over 10 stone in the last 7 years!! I don't look as big as you would think though, I am about a size 20-22. I have recently been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, and I have a borderline underactive thyroid (for which I have been prescribed medication, but I don't take it, because I don't like the side effects), also I have been on a double dose of the progesterone only pill for 7 years which I only found out the other day causes excessive hunger cravings, but I don't really want to come off it yet, and also I can't at the moment because of other medication I am on. I was mostly overweight as a child and have always struggled with food, then when I got into my teens I used to walk about 16 miles a day and starve myself completely for 2 weeks, and then binge eat for a day or 2 and repeat the process, I lost loads of weight, but know its not very healthy. So I tried eating normally, and the weight has just piled on. A couple of years ago I started going to the gym 3 days a week for an hour, I burned about 600 calories each time and didn't loose any weight, so I gave up!!
I really need to do something about it, and have tried all sorts over the years, but last night my mother said she had met a couple of people who had been on the lighterlife diet and lost a lot of weight. I have just been on their website and it looks good but I can't afford £66 a week. My budget is about £150 ish a month. I went on ebay to see if I could get it cheaper on there and came across all sorts of other dietmeals, protikee, cambridge, abstinence, lipotrim, sole source, the pixie person mentioned before who offers trials for £7.50, and now I am really confused.

I know I shouldn't really buy off ebay, I was wondering if anyone knew if any of these other companies are cheaper?

At the moment, I am having a muller light for breakfast, slimfast for lunch and maybe a bit of fruit, and then trying to have a low carb meal in the evening and a low fat snack, but I don't really know what I am doing. I have seen a nutritionist in the past but it didn't really help. I find I get really hungry in the evenings, but can go all day without food, it was suggested to me to eat more in the day so I am not tempted later, but it doesn't make any difference, so I am better of eating lightly in the day to make up for my evening binges!!

I have been thinking about just using slimfast as a VLCD which I can get from the supermarket, but I am not sure.

I don't need a counselor as I already see an eating disorder support therapist (I am off to see her in a minute so will mention all this to her too), and I think that might be what makes some of these diets more expensive?

I really don't know what to do, but I know I am fed up being like this. My partner has lost all interest in me, and says he does not find me attractive. We are meant to be getting married, but I don't want to look back at my wedding photo's when I am really big, having managed to loose weight and regret not putting it off till I got slimmer!! I hate getting out of breath, and not being able to keep up with people!

Thats me for now, I have to go and see my therapist, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! xxxxxx
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Maybe a word with your GP?? For Cambridge you would need the medical form signed by him anyway to say he was happy with you doing a VLCD. We have various different options of how to do the diet from SS - sole source where the meal replacement is your only food, to 1000/1200/1500 cal plans. Inbetween is the 810plan which combines food packs plus a meal. You would need to talk to a CDC and your GP to work out what would be best for you. Cost wise 3packs per day works out roughly about £35-40 per week depending on what you choose and 4 a day would work out between £47-£54 again depending on what choices you had.

LL also require you to get a medical form signed and are more expensive than CD as they provide CBT. LT is slightly cheaper than CD I think and is done via your chemist, but they don't have any food option plans.

Hope that helps - and good luck!
Hi, thanks I think I will go and chat with my GP again, they are not particularly helpful though, other than saying eat less and excersize more!! I asked them about meal replacements on prescription (I get free prescriptions too) as a friend of mine said that was possible but the doctor said she had never heard of it. They have offered me diet pills, but she doesn't recommend the ones that supress your appetite, just the ones that make any fat pass through you, but I have heard horrible stories about people having "accidents" with those. I think she would be happy to sign the forms though.

I have friends who are taking pills off the internet too, and they still eat loads but have lost a lot of weight, they don't looks well though, and the tablets have a lot a bad side effects, like heart attacks, and I am too scared to take anything like that!!

I am thinking either the VLCD of around 550 calories a day, or because of my evening food cravings the 810 calorie one, with a meal in the evening. I just need to find the cheapest, really.

I don't understand all the abbreviations for the companies etc yet though, could you explain please.

Thanks again for your advice xxxxxxx
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Sorry CD is cambridge diet, LL Lighter life, LT lipotrim.

I recommend the 810plan to many of my clients because ou can combine a diet with a meal. Chicken, fish, cottage cheese, tuna, veg, salad. That would mean you would have 3 meal replacements a day shakes/soups are about £1.70 and bars/tetras (little made up cartons) are about £1.95 each.
Hi, thanks again, and you are a cambridge diet counselor, is that right?

How much weight do people loose on average (weekly/monthly) with the 810 calorie diet?

Also do you have any tips for low fat/carb savoury snacks, I seem to have more of a savoury tooth, and I worry that sometimes I will feel like I need something more chewable than a soup, the bars are good for that but they are all sweet.

This is me by the way!!

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Ok, I am a bit confused I posted again, and its still not there, I wonder if its because I put a link in it, or does it need to be approved maybe?? I will wait a bit and try again? xx


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I replied by quick reply a couple of minutes ago, but it has not appeared, I am just testing it again!!?
Ok, I am a bit confused I posted again, and its still not there, I wonder if its because I put a link in it, or does it need to be approved maybe?? I will wait a bit and try again? xx
You have less than 50 posts.You are not allowed to post links.

Hi, sorry I did not realise that, thanks for letting me know.

What I was trying to asked was how much weight can you expect to loose on average on the 810 calorie diet, compared to the 550.

Is it ok to have a break, I am going to majorca in 5 weeks, but I want to shift a bit of weight before I go.

Can you advise on any low fat/carb savoury snacks, I have more or a savoury tooth so am not so bothered about the bars, and am worried I will crave something a bit more chewable than a soup!

My manager has just told me she paid £60 a month though a local pharmacy for Lipotrim, but it was just milkshakes no other options, does that sound right??

I think that was more or less it, and other tips etc would be very appreciated, thanks xx
God I am dippy!!! I just realised my second attempt had actually appeared with out the link, well at least I asked a bit more in the one I just sent anyway so it was not a total waste!! xx


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Hi Roxanne,

Hope you don't mind if I stick my two penn'orth in here.

I started Cambridge diet in April. I've done the 810 plan from the beginning and you can see the weight loss results I've had below.

I've found it really easy - having the one meal a day has been great.
Regarding savoury snacks there are ways to make up the soup packs into slightly more chewable things eg. crisps - see the Cambridge diet forum stickies section for recipe ideas.

I have also heard of people who instead of having their food as 'a meal' cut their portion into little bits, (chicken, veggies etc.) and snack on them throughout the day.

Regarding going on holiday - you may find if you get into Cambridge that you just don't want to give it up when you go on holiday - it does easily become a way of life and you may find that you want to take your packs with you and stick to your one meal a day.

Or you can go up to one of the higher programmes for a few weeks, where you have 2 or more meals a day and fewer packs. Its not advisable to go straight from a VLCD to normal eating without at least a few weeks on the middle programmes - you run the risk of piling a lot of weight back on very quickly.

Another option would be to go and see your local Cambridge diet counsellor and start on one of the higher plans (eg the 1200 calorie plan with 2 foodpacks a day). Do that for the few weeks you go on holiday, eat normal food while on holiday, then start the VLCD when you get back.
Oh wow you are doing really well, and loosing quickly, I thought it might take longer having the meal as I don't suppose you go into Ketosis. Your last option sounds like a good Idea actually, thanks for that.
I am considering Lipotrim now because of the price, but I am not sure if they do an option with a meal, but I need to look into Cambridge a bit more too, thanks for the tips on savoury snacks too, I will have a look at those recipes!

Take care, and good luck, you are doing great! xxx

rainbow brite

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Hi there. I'm on Lipotrim and have been for the past 8 weeks. For me it is working fabulously well and is also just within my budget at £144 per month. It does not allow you to eat at all so you just have the three shakes per day. Each shake contains about 130 cals I think.

It sounds harsh but once you get the first week over with it becomes soooo much easier. Seriously, I have very little willpower and this is the easiest diet I have ever done. I struggled a little at first but it soon becomes routine.

I hope you find a plan to suit your needs and budget hun. Let us know how you get on xx
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Hi I must agree with Rainbowbrite I'm on lipotrim and i can't beleive how easy it has been. Today is day five and I am buzzing with energy. I to am a savoury person but feel I will benefit by cutting food out completely to retrain the brain. My chemist charges £36 week, if you look at the LT threads people are adding all sorts within the guidelines to the shakes although I dont think they taste to bad.

Good look with what you choose, my advice is to keep posting and using the support offered.



is going to loose!
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Hi Rox,
I've just read your post and wanted to let you know that I have just started a similar process on my own! I've bought a meal replacement tub, high in protein -
P = 17.5
F = 1.1
C = 3.8

I plan to replace breakfast and lunch with them. Also 2 peices of fruit a day, on ocassion 100g of yoghurt in the afternoon (if I've been to the gym) and a low calorie dinner of about 250 or 300. As well as 3 ltrs of water a day. I just started and the tub should last about 10 days and cost $30 Aus. so about 11pounds UK.

I'll let you know at the end of the week how its going.

Hiya Roxanne! :welcome: to minimins!

Ive been on the Cambridge diet only 3 days now and although im still on the tough days - ive lost a half stone already (7lbs) and honestly life couldnt be better, im now in ketosis and feel great have lots of energy and the shakes i drink contain goodness then the diet i was on before!

I went to my doctor as well and he wasnt a lot of help and no you cant get a VLCD on precription. I then went to the nurse who was a lot more understanding and signed my medical forms no problems. Only reason i needed it signed was that i had a bmi over 40 :)

I paid 36 quid for a weeks worth of shakes and its been so worth it eeing 7lbs melt away!

Good luck with your desison whatever you decide! :hug99:


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i am on cd as well and thought it would be really expensive at about £35-£40 a week. however when you realise that you get all your food (unless you go onto a higher plan. i'm now on the 810 plan with a small meal in the evenings and it is much easier to stick to) and you can't get takeaway, go out drinking, grab a snack when you are buying a paper, go out for meals, all that kind of stuff, it actually doesn't cost any more than before. and you really realise how often you just picked something up from the shop that you didn't really need, you just fancied it on the way past...

i have had more problems with getting my body and cd to agree with each other than many, ha, but i would still thoroughly recommend it :D

abz xx

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