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Which way is best????


Starting over again......
Leanne1 said:
I have never really had to diet before and I am very confused. Should I join a club or do a specific diet? Should I count calories or carbs? Which is best? :confused::sigh:
Have a look around the various food and weight loss diaries in here. It will give you a feel for what people eat on different regimes, and also their personal experiences if them

Good luck!
it depends on you. personally, I've lost 85 lbs with Weight Watchers and have been maintaining my loss for nearly 1 year. I don't feel hungry and am very comfortable with my skin. I eat a healthy diet and can still go to the restaurant and enjoy myself and have managed to do that all the time while dieting, so I haven't sacrificed my social life, which is tremendously important to me.

That's my experience :)
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I'm so impressed that you have kept your weight off for so long. That has always been my downfall. I could loose it but never keep it off.
Well done
I'm so impressed that you have kept your weight off for so long. That has always been my downfall. I could loose it but never keep it off.
Well done
Thanks Daizy! I too have always had problems to maintain the loss. But it's easy with Weight Watchers because you can keep on following the diet (maintenance) forever, as it allows you to eat what you like but keep control. :D
I think it depends on your own personal demons, and what you would like to achieve. I've tried both WW and SW and both worked, however I found they were unsustainable for me because I like to do the least amount of work I have to. They WERE both easy, once I already had points or syns values for everything.

I currently calorie count because I found that if I'm truly going to keep it off forever, and live my life like this, then I need to know actually what is in everything I eat and how much of it I should be eating. People tend to hate the idea of logging everything you'v eaten right down to the last calorie, but you fall into a rhythm after a while and it becomes easier and less tedious. I'm also quite active and so I found calorie counting was easier because it allowed me to take control of my sports nutrition much much easier.

the only thing I could never do is meal replacement. Whilst they give fast results, the weight loss to me seems unsustainable and you eventually have to come off of them.

I don't think I explained myself too well, but I hope I helped! =)
I can tell you what doesn't work for me, and I can tell you what has worked for me, but ultimately there are so many different diets out there for the simple reason that everyone is different. Counting calories has so far worked for me because most food shows their calories of the packaging and I know how much I'm allowed...there's not room for "oops I didn't realise that was that bad" because I know exactly what's in it and how much I've eaten!

However some people find it difficult to keep track of every morsel of food that they eat like that. Some people prefer to be told what to eat so they don't have to worry about getting confused or eating the wrong things. Some people find the points systems of WW and SW to be a more simplified and accessible way of doing things.

All of these things work if done properly, the trick is to find something you can stick to!

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