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Which weight on scales? Day/night?


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Same here. I wake up thursday mornings, go to the toilet, strip off and jump on the scales then I shower.

Your weight can go up during the day - I asume because your body is still digesting the food. But I have found the next morning its back to the same or its gone down more. (im terrible at weighing myself everyday :-/ )


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Always in the morning and preferably after I've been to the loo, but that depends on whether my bowels decide to perform before I have to head off for work or not!
I weigh in the morning on a monday before i go to class and after i have got washed and dressed x


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I always weigh of a morning prefer the results I get lol x

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Always in the morning, think thats the most accurate..x..


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It really doesn't matter which one you go for - just as long as you stick to the same time week-in week-out your losses will be accurate. And that is really what matters rather than the actual number on the scales.


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Thanks everyone! I've kind of got into the habit of weighing myself everyday grr can't help it :/ LOL
what just once a day - i have formed the habit of at least 4 times a day - i fluctuate tremendously anywhere between 2 and 5lbs - but always get the lowest reading in a morning:p
Ohhhhh my liiiiiife yes! :p :D Every morning first thing, then after first, uh, loo appearance :eek: (which usually corresponds with end of first coffee), then various points thru the day... Also if I wake in the night for the loo I cant be guaranteed not to hop on :eek:

Also each 'weigh in' usually means 3 goes on the scales to average out, so they're quite variable... im quite insistent on 2 identical readings before Ill accept it :D

Still at the end of the day I accept the readings in the week have no guarantee on the weekly reading. I do think it probably helps my intake if Im having a slow week tho :)
At our class there is a lady who takes an exercise class before image therapy and then one after image therapy.

A few weeks ago she commented on the fact that we weigh less in a morning than any other time of the day. She stated that the reason is you lose upto 2 litres of fluid overnight, that is why sometimes especially in winter your windows in your bedroom may be steamed up in the morning.


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At the moment I have to weigh in the evening which I hate. It's really just how much you've eaten in a day rather than how much you've actually lost.
In a few months I'm going to be able to join a group in the morning YAY.


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I belong to a group that weighs in on a Monday evening - it's not good!!! I have to really behave myself over the weekend otherwise the result would be bad! As it's in the evening as well I watch myself gain weight during the day. I still eat/drink during the day - some of the group go on a fast beforehand. Really looking forward to tomorrow (not!).

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