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Who fancies a six week challenge?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by lizs84, 5 November 2012 Social URL.

  1. lizs84

    lizs84 Full Member

    Hi all,

    I am brand new to slimming world and minimins and am very excited, and nervous, about my first slimming world meeting tonight.

    I have been losing weight since April after having my daughter in February and have lost nearly 4 stone on my own, just through calorie counting. BUT i've plateaued and have stopped losing, just hovering around 16 stone. Boo. So I've decided to kick start my diet again and hope to lose another 5 stone.

    I've initially signed up for a six week countdown to take me to 10th December (probably won't be quite as strict over Christmas, to be completely honest!!).

    Who fancies seeing how much we can lose in 6 weeks? Perhaps we can motivate each other?!


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  3. Loz_207

    Loz_207 Member

    Hi Liz,

    I am just starting Slimming World today, I'd love to take part in your 6 week challenge...
    I have been dieting on and off all year but haven't managed to shift many pounds, So this maybe the encouragement I need :)

    Laura x :)
  4. Lighterlisa

    Lighterlisa Full Member

    Hi first of all well done on loosing so much weight already!!
    I've had 2 weigh ins so far and have lost 7lbs (5.5 in first wk and 1.5 last wk), I could do with a bit of a challenge to keep me motivated!
    Good luck with your first meeting xx
  5. lizs84

    lizs84 Full Member

    Yay!!! I didn't think anyone would reply to this thread! Hi Laura and Lisa!!

    I'll let you know how it goes tonight, I'm quite nervous about going!! I've just got these awful Little Britain ideas in my head. If the leader says 'dust' I might run screaming from the building!!

    I was losing weight with my husband - we both have lost about the same but he is now super skinny and could even do with gaining a couple of pounds. He's very supportive still, but I feel that I may need to check in here to chat to people who are still trying to lose!

    7lb in 2 weeks is brilliant Lisa - I hope I can do as well as you have. My stupidly ambitious target is 1 stone by christmas! I might get there..........!

  6. louise1982

    louise1982 Silver Member

    I'll join your challenge. A big well done on losing so much weight. I gave birth to my second daughter in January and still haven't lost it. I've lost 10 1/2 lbs in 3 weeks and have my 4th weigh in tonight.
  7. lizs84

    lizs84 Full Member

    Welcome to the challenge Louise! 10lb is brilliant - you'll be at a stone in no time. What's been the hardest part of losing for you guys so far?

    Very silly side note: Liz, Laura, Lisa, Louise! Any other L's??
  8. rharbord

    rharbord Full Member

    Hi can I join please? I'm joining g sw tomorrow as my books date back to 2011. I've got a target of 1.5st. I'd like to lose most of it by Jan, my birthday and my youngest sons 3rd (no excuses of baby weight for me). I've lost about 2st since he was born by just being good but I'm stuck now. I did sw about 5 years ago to get into my wedding dress so no it works but I've never tried ee, not sure about it myself sounds too easy! I hope so....
  9. Ruthie-D

    Ruthie-D Full Member

    Hi all can I join as well please? I just restarted on Friday and a challenge would be a great way for me to kick-start. What way are you working it, do I give a target weight loss for the six weeks or have you something else in mind?
  10. jenny19888

    jenny19888 Full Member

    Hi il join in too, I have lost 1 stone 7 lb so far. I weigh in on Wednesdays
  11. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

  12. cat yoyo greaves

    cat yoyo greaves Gold Member

    I will join 2 lb off tonight for me would like to get to goal for Xmas 10lb to go for that but I will settle for my 2.5 st award (7 more lb) good luck all will check in next weeks weigh xx
  13. Ruthie-D

    Ruthie-D Full Member

    I should read things properly before I post :eek:, I have been thinking about what I would like to loose in the six weeks and I have come to the conclusion that I would be really happy with 10lb, which I know is a big ask but this would take me into the next stone bracket. Good luck everyone x
  14. Emmamb

    Emmamb Silver Member

    Hi-can I join in aswel? I'd like to lose a stone in 6 weeks :) x
  15. febbabe

    febbabe Full Member

    Can i jpin also please ? Just had a baby and 2mrrw is my first weighin since baby.will have my startin weight tomrrw.
  16. louise1982

    louise1982 Silver Member

    2 1/2 off for me tonight. I would like 15lbs off for Xmas to take me to 2 stone loss.
    We had a taster night tonight and somebody made the baileys mousse out of the latest magazine and omg, it's amazing and will definitely be our dessert on Xmas day.
  17. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Hi Liz
    id love to join in. I'm hoping for 6-7lbs off in 6 weeks.
    i joined last week and my first weigh in is tomorrow night :)

    We can all do this

    Stacey xxx
  18. lizs84

    lizs84 Full Member

    Ooh. Bailey's mousse sounds yummy.

    How about once a week, perhaps a sunday, we all post our losses for the week and our overall loss? I can put them together in a list at the end of the day if everyone fancies?

    I went to the group last night, which was nice (tasted the 'ferrero rocher' - don't think i'll be making those as I could easily scoff the lot!!) but not many people seemed to have lost anything. In fact, most people seemed to have gained! Not quite what I expected. We'll see!

  19. Susie_G

    Susie_G Member

    Can i join too ?

    I have my weigh in tonight ( first one since joining) , reallllly nervous x x x
  20. lizs84

    lizs84 Full Member

    Good luck to everyone with all the first weigh ins! You can do it! Please keep us updated, it'd be great to see how everyone is doing. I've decided that if I lose a stone by Christmas then I will reward myself with Christmas and Boxing Day off. I know that's not really what you're supposed to do but I figure that it'd be pretty impossible, and unfair of me, to ask my parents in law to make me a special meal, or to deprive everyone else!!
  21. Lighterlisa

    Lighterlisa Full Member

    Sounds like a realistic plan to me Liza which is what it's all about! I went to our caravan in Wales at the weekend and went a little off plan BUT I def made better choices than I would do normally so for me I'm happy that I'm making progress (even if it shows as a sts or a gain on Thursday) x

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