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Who knows your weight?

Who knows how much you weigh?

  • Just me (and SW staff)

    Votes: 18 32.7%
  • Me and partner

    Votes: 21 38.2%
  • Me and friends

    Votes: 9 16.4%
  • Me and parents

    Votes: 9 16.4%
  • Me and everyone

    Votes: 10 18.2%

  • Total voters


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I am probably the only one to say this..but everyone! I wanted to tell people although it has been varying degrees.. my sister first.. then friends .. then DA..

This way I have to be accountable to myself and others..If I cant lie to them then I am not lieing to myself x


Gold Member
Me and me alone !!!
Yeah you are one for a good vote arent you Lou. Me and OH! x
I feel like its kinda like AA

My names Vicky, I started SW 7 months ago weighing 18 stone and half a pound, I have now lost almost three and a half stone and weigh around 14 stone 10 ish! xxx lol
Apart from my SW consultant, my friend who i attend class with and one of my closest friends (male) know how much i weigh.

I'm far too embarassed to tell anyone, even my other closest friends
Do you mean me? x
I thought that too! Because you weigh about what I weigh but you look a lot better on it!!

Only me and hubby know what I weigh at the moment. Not that hubby knows what it means. I could have told him I weighed 40stone and I don't think he'd have blinked an eyelid!! ;

i have real issues with people around me knowing my weight.
my mum knows (also doing SW), sw consultant and staff and thanx to a very inconsiderate weigh in woman, as of 2 weeks ago half the class also know. :cry:.
she was struggling to work out how much i had lost, insisting i had lost a stone in a week (was actually 4lbs) and my mum and i were showing her error in working it out .
she said my weight LOUDLY at least 8 times. loud enough for everyone to hear.
i walked away feeling horrified and totally embarrassed.
she hasnt done it since but should she do it again im gonna have to say something as that is the kind of thing that will end up making me quit :sigh:
im not really bothered who knows my weight, as i know it will (eventually!) be less :) So when im at 10 stone or something and i tell people they will go wow rather than not really noticing (they cant believe my weight now lol)
I dont tell everyone but if they ask then i just say, its nothing to be ashamed about.
Its like when im on my way to slimming world with my daughter she shouts out to everyone "we are going to slimming world!!" (she gets excited, weird child lol!) and i used to get embarrassed about it, til my mum said dont be embarrassed coz it means you are doing something about it!
Sorry a bit of a long post lol!!!
Do you mean me? x
yeah sorry, i did mean you :)

I remember when my granny first got the wii fit at xmas and we all had ago, she was programming in my weight and it said i was in the overweight bit and she sure made a thing of telling the whole room about it. i felt so embaressed :(

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