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Who stays for class .. do u find it helps with weight loss


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Havnt stayed to class yet,but I am going to in future. The more support I think the better.

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I feel a bit more motivated if I stay and hear people's stories. It gives me a little boost. Hate staying if ive had a bad week though. Don't understand that!


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I am better motivated and more likely to stick to plan when I stay for class.

I made the stupid mistake of stopping going back in August and managed to pile on 9 1/2 lbs over that time. I am really annoyed with myself for being so blase about my weight loss and assuming that as I felt and looked fine back then, that I would do forever without support from other members.

How wrong was I? Restarted last night and bought 6 week countdown as I am completely determined to get it right this time.



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I always try and stay to class - think I've only ever missed 1 or 2.

Image Therapy is invaluable. It's unbelievable the amount of inspirational stories, tips and recipes you can pick up. You really do learn something new every week! :)

Plus, paying £5 just for someone to weigh you is so not worth it.


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I also always try to stay to class. I know I need that boost to stay focused on my slimming.

On the odd occasion I can't stay I find it really hard and I'm far more likely to fall off the plan.


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Realistically it shouldn't make any difference, but I think it does - probbly more down to attitude and discipline.

I know I statyed every single week until I got to target. Once at target I would skip weeks, or weigh-and-run.

Needless to say, I spiralled and need to lose 11lb to get back to my original target range.


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I don't see the point in weighing & going personally. I am part of the social team & really enjoy the camaraderie. I've made good friends at group, we keep in touch via a Facebook group during the week, we spur each other on & post recipes etc.

I've only missed 3/4 groups since I started, I find it very motivational.


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I've stayed every week bar one when I had to weigh and run. I have an amazing c and an amazing group, I'm really lucky. Staying to class is worth it's weight in gold to me. Next Saturday I will have to weigh and run as my pup will have had an operation and I won't have anyone to watch him and in already gutted that I won't be able to stay


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I always try and stay - and last night after a monster gain it was really hard. Thankfully as it was 'newbie week' there wasnt any image therapy.

If you weigh and go - you still do have to 'answer' to the scales, but going you miss out on the chats, social side of the class and miss out on hearing about new things and so on.

I am trying to be a newbie and starting fresh with my new shiny book!!!! :)

Happy Holidays

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Now I've hit target I don't go every week, but when I do go I always stay to class. I've never understand why you would pay £5 just to get weighed, you could go to Boots & it would be so much cheaper.

Also at class things are clarified, for example the mullerlight yogurts fiasco & quorn products which now have syns in them. You can get so much help, advice & inspiration from staying.

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I always stay and really enjoy it. It is a 20 minute drive to get to class, so I cant see the point in just getting weighed and then come back.

I enjoy the social side, the chats getting to know others, love to hear about recipes, syn values and how everyone else has done.


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I really don't know why anybody would pay £5 per class plus travel - get weighed and then leave. WHY :sigh::sigh::confused::confused:
After 4 classes you could buy a decent set of scales or go into Boots and pay 50p each week - go at the same time with the same clothes so it is the same each week.
Yes go the first couple of times and get the books but why keep going and then leave - to me that is daft - really can't believe people do this - what is the point.
Harsh maybe - but a serious waste of money - take advantage of what SW have to give, after all you are paying them for this - they are making money from you not the other way round.


Totally agree with Happy Holidays, it's ok to weigh and go now and again but you really do need to stay to get the most out of SW. If image therapy isn't worth staying for, you need to find a better consultant ;-)


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I have to stay for group to stay on straight & narrow - apart fm whatever i learn / motivation, i also find the support i get from the other members is worth every penny.


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The only thing I have to add, which may explain why some people do not stay is that having been a member for over a year now, Image Therapy does become a bit "samey"

However, it is fair to say that these same people who "weigh and run" because they DON'T like the same old, same old, are the ones who struggle with weightloss as presumably they can't handle sticking to the plan week after week?

Might be something in it;)

Devon Dolce

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"When you have a good week, your class needs you! When you have a bad week, you need your class!"