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who's on 4 a day or should be?

I'm on day 5 and have just been having 3 shakes a day (as I'm having to ration what I have left until I meet with my cdc later today!!!), I should be having 4 a day as I'm 5'9 but have a dilemma now

I have been ok on 3 a day so should I continue? or should I go up to 4 when I meet my cdc later?

the last cdc I saw in August told me that it was recommended I should have 4 but a lot of people just had 3 and found they were fine

I know it sounds absolutely stupid but I've got it into my head if I stick to 3 I will get the weight off quicker, which I know is probably ridiculous

what do you think?

I need to know what others weight losses have been to convince me to go up to 4!!
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I would be interested to know this one too.

Hubby is doing the diet with me and he's 5ft 11. He doesn't want to have 4 shakes and feels as if he is forcing himself to eat it.
I have suggested he speaks to CDC when he sees her next week, but if any CDC's on here can come up with any answers, I would really appreciate it!!!
Not a CDC and I'm sure one will be along in a mo but I think you should have the four. It is all to do with ensuring your body gets all the nutrition it requires. Far from slowing your weight loss it may help it as there is potential for your body to go into starvation mode if you don't give it what it requires.

Hope this helps.

Hi ya I am on 4 packs a day too am sure it is something to do with the vitamins and minerals so you don't go into starvation mode, but don't quote me on that.

Some days i do find it a struggle getting 4 in but if thats the case i usually gulp down a tetra to get the last one in.

I am having no problems with my weight losses personally but would still be good to hear the science behind it.
I'm on day 4. Why are peeps having problems getting 4 down them?? I don't understand this as I am really really hungry. I had 4 packs yesterday even though I am only 5ft 5! It was either that or raid the fridge. You are still under 600 cals so how can you not lose weight? I guess that they have that rule for a reason so I agree that you could be harming yourselves by dropping to 3. I'm far from being knowledgeable though!

I have already eaten my second pack and am worried about making it through the day without having 4 again. I'm wondering if it will hurt me much to move up to 4 packs?
I'm 5'10 so I have 4 day and, on the odd day when I've only managed 3, my CDC has given me a right roasting!

It's really important to have the 4 if you should. The diet has been very carefully designed to meet your needs and give most effective weight loss. If 4 would slow you down or have a negative impact, they wouldn't tell you to have that many would they?
hi all i thought i was 5ft 8 been docs today and im 5ft 9 for 27 years or so i thought i was 5ft 8 lol been on 3 shakes a day for 4 weeks and feel fine but should of been on 4 . think im happy on 3 but is there a big reason i should have 4 any cdc out therexxx
just popped back to see if we had a repy .am going to try ring my cdc but think she away this week will let u know if i find anything out

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