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Whos started in the last few days or this weekend?


Slimming for my children
Was thinking. Me and my sister are starting tomorrow and we are going to be at eachothers beck and call to see us through the first few days and onwards.

Was thinking of creating this thread for people who are "new" and have started yesterday day before today, tomorrow sunday etc. Just so we can all know someone is in the same boat as us?

So what ya think?
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I'm strating on Monday morning so I would love to join in! Always start a new diet on a Monday, I am out tomorrow for a meal and drinks and then to a show so thought I mite as well wait till Monday and that is what i have got in my head now..


Slimming for my children
wicked. So Shall we all post on here when we have lost etc. me and fattynomores_sister (shes joining the website tonight hehe) will be weighing our first weigh in in two weeks, it may be first weigh in next fri depending on if the counciller is home from a holiday. but be nice to keep this going as a thread to just keep in contact etc.
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Hi, I started on monday (so far so good) for the 50th time but my head seems to be in the right place for the rest of the weight to come off.5 stone off and 3 more to goGood luckJo xx
Hey :D :D :D

Well I started 2 days back (already cheated):break_diet: but sorted my head out so hopefully i wont be tempted by the evil food :mad:

Count me in as well..I think I will weigh myself next friday now.



Slimming for my children
wicked so theres quite a few newbies.
What are your targets.
I think i am about 14 stone again *boo hiss* I started LL at 15 stone but i am only 5"3 so i am going to aim to be between 9 and 10. Want to get to that Goal by May.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 790 plan eh?? Maybe I should look into as well Lisa honey considering I am same height as you..LOL!!!

Told ya I would be copying u..hahaha :D thing is that I miss sitting with my OH and eating as well..he was the one who made me eat last night :cry: (no not blaming it on him..he said he wont eat either if i was not going to eat!! he can be such a baby!!!) LOL!! Good luck and let me know how u getting on with 790 plan. I am still keeping strong. Had a coke zero at lunch time :bliss:

And yes Fatty_No_more ( it would be better if i knew your name,...hahaha..dont like saying 'fatty' :D) lets talk about targets and goals. I am 5'9 and weigh 14 stone 10 pounds!!! :cry: I think I would want to be 10 stones ( i know it might be too low for me cuz i do have a large bone structure so might look really gaunt) but for the time being I would be happy to be 12 stone for my April wedding :D

What bout you Lisa? How much weight do you want to loose?
I'm having my first appointment with my cdc on tuesday night so i will be starting on wed. I lost four stone in 88 days last year on LL so i know it works and hopefully it wont be any harder this time round. I've put 2 stone of that four back on since july as i didnt do the maintenance programme.....hubby decided to up and leave me after 18 yrs so i just went off the rails....but I'm in the right frame of mind to get started again............we can all support each other!
I reckon i'm around 16 stone and at 5'5 I would like to be around 10st 7lb so i've got about 5.5 stone to lose...how about the rest of you? have you got much to lose?
Shirley x
Hey Shirley :)

I did read your post earlier as well where you mentioned that your hubby of 18 years decided to up and leave :mad: :mad:

Been through something similar myself but my ex-husband and I had been married for only 6 months so I am sure you would have felt far worse than I did. Most men are just weird. Good riddance I would say.

Glad to know you are in the right frame of mind :D We are here for all the support and encouragement u need(in my case I need a kick up my back side..LOL!!! )

Revenge is a dish best served cold so loose the weight ..look FIT and show him what he will be missing :D :hug99:

I'm 5ft 2in was 10st something about 4 yrs ago, and weighed 13st 10lbs at start of CD this week, now I'm 5lbs lighter, long way to go!
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Hello I'm on day 5 and so far so good. I am wondering if to do AAM but I know sod all about it so will check with my CDC on Sunday for the information.

Awww I wish it was April already lol at least then I owuld be finished. I can't stop dreaming about Nandos etc grrr me lol

Jenn x
Jenn don't talk bout Nandos :cry: I am taking my OH and friends there tonight as its his birthday!!! Stay strong x

Somebody save me..I am so going to die! LOL!!


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