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Why am i a failiure?????

Why am i such a failiure i was doing so well i have come off the diet for a few days because of social events and i cant get back on it and i want this so bad, someone please help with some motivation stories or stories with others feeling the same xx:cry:
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always struggling
Well all I can say is ... thank god there is someone out there just like me!:wave_cry:

It is so hard to get back on track when you come off for a few days - I so know that as I have had a few social events myself and still have and still struggling to get back on track from my last one a week ago! But am back on it tommorrow .... so come on hun we can do this just need more willpower and keep coming on here and the motivation will push us on x:)


Cambridge Consultant
Hey your not a failure!!
Do you really really want it... Do you really want to be slim!
If yes then you can do it hon . We can do anything we want to do..
You have had a good time so now if forget it and jump back on ..
Its such an amazing feeling when you start feeling good and getting into clothes that you feel nice in and people start noticing and saying how well your doing etc...
The summer is on its way.. and you will feel better if you get rid of the weight that you want to..
Go for it .. and you will feel so happy once you get near to your goal. xx


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right just take a minute, and set out a plan. take it day by day. and be strong you can get back on to it, but it does take emmence will power.
get a book and pen, write a diary, do some excercise. get an old pic and stick on fridge...freezer. etc.
plan exactly what you are going to do for the next 3 days. keep busy so you don't have time to eat other foods.
tell your significant other that no matter what you do, that you can only have shakes. if he sees you with anything else in your hand to remind you what you want.

be strong you know you can do it you have done it before.
Oh Cheska you sound just like me we can do this so we will both start tomorrow we can do this its just mind over matter!!xx
Thanks guys you are right im gonna be on skaes and shakes only as of tomorrow i can do this and with the help of you guys it is possible xx


always struggling
I feel like Im being hypnotised :p I do want to do this and will.... so gemmielou tomorrow it is...xx PS Thanks curlywurly xxx


Strong women stay slim
I also feel like this , today i have been good , but with me its days on CD say 4 then I crack up by eating not much but I eat then all that I lost has gone back on and its a rollercoaster , where is the wall I need to bang my head on it


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:wave_cry: I have felt like crap today too! Read a post on ehre that really got to me, when normally come on here and feel supported (but thats sorted now :p)

You can do this hun, just remember ALL the reasons why you have chosen to follow cd, and what you like about it, and what you can achieve by taking very small steps to the new you

(I am telling myself at same time:copon:)



Strong women stay slim
I'll be up for it , let me know

Its a challenge we can get through this :)

Are you saying we should do a challenge , well if so i'm up for that , and is it going to be a daily challenge as by did we make it to the end by where we post by the end of the night saying yeah we did it ? lol
Yes what we will do is i shall add to this thread tomorrow evening to hopefully say i have completed day 1!!! are you with me girls/Boys??xxx


Strong women stay slim
Yes i'm with you on this one , by the end of the day i'll let you know if I made it on a nightly night :) ok so today i'm bcak and wondering if i'll make it ok .


WILL be Slim!
you go girls!
just write down a list of the things you want to be doing when you have lost all the weight!
At the moment, mine is my dh is best man for our best friends, and i have done a collage of dresses i want to fit into and i have it there anytime i feel low!
You CAN do it, and more to the point, you WILL WILL WILL do it!
Your stronger than the food!


Strong women stay slim
Yes i'm in , who else is in ?


Silver Member
Ms JMC- I didn't know Hong Kong had a disney land? been to florida, lots of years ago-it was ace! I'd love to go back but my OH is a wimp, bet he wouldn't go on any of the rides!
So far its just me and you MsJMC, Lizzie MB i want to be a fitting into River Island clothes and i want to go through my IVF but they wont do it until im down to my goals weight :(


Strong women stay slim
Angela , I have also been to florida one back in 1989 , when did you go ?
Yes i have just found that out they have one in hong king which I would love to go . your OH won't do the rides , lol . drug him lol

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