Why am I craving Garabodly Biscuit????


Hi Day 14 of LL and I read on here about LL fruit bars and now for some really weird reason Im craving those Garaboldy Biscuits dont know if thats how its spelt or if thats what there called anymore?Haven't had them for 15 +years there flat with saultanas in ?????

Anyone else have weird cravings LOL ????:eek:
Just biscuits!!!!!

Hi Hun
If I listed all the cravings I'd been having I'd get all the members throwing rocks at me!:mad:
At one point the only thing I would not have eaten was certain offal!!!!!!!! :mad:
I have constant food fantasies :eek: ! So the fact that all you fancy is a garibaldi then don't worry xxxx
I've been hungry last coupl of days - think its because I've been to the gym as I've not been doing any exercise! I ache like hell but do feel better in myself for actually doing it - I've got a gym buddy so thats really helped.
I'm only losing 2lbs a week currently - I'd be happy with 3 week as its nearly a stone a month, just seems so much more inspirational!
I'm still glugging min 4l per day but struggle to do more!
How bout u????
Ive read on here you shoulnt over do the exercise on vlcd as its not good?Yes like you I struggle with the water trying to do 5 litres aday but im busy with 3 kids and finding loos when we're out is :mad: so I do know the key here is the water I think you should try 5 litres aday and see if it ups thE loss as I know if I was doing this and loss 2lbs a week I would do ww again as i lost that on that?Well done you though XXXc
If I did WW I'd be too tempted to cheat my losses so far are:

WK1-9lbs :)
WK2-5lbs :)
WK3-3lbs :confused:
WK4-6lbs :)
WK5-3lbs :)
WK6-2lbs :confused:
WK7-2lbs :confused:

WK 8 is this Thu & my scales havent moved since last week so I'll just keep everything crossed.

Not going to gym this eve, I'll go tomorrow before my weight in & class so thats my 3 x for the week (body allowing of course).

Luv Clare
Fantastic losses well done you.
Werid isnt it 2lbs x 2 weeks,Im like you weigh and we shouldnt im getting my scales and putting them in the car boot until im at target/Goal.
Maybe it is your water intake try upping it its worth a try?
Yes WW is hard I think not to over eat at times ,stick with it and I bet you'll have a huge loss soon!Have you been going to the gym since your losses started to be 2lbs?If so maybe thats it?
I've only been to gym this week in a bit to try to shift bit more, I'm also gonna do measurements at end of week 4 I'd lost total 11inches, 4 from bust, 4 from waist & 3 from hips - which kept me on track really!
Wow you see it is working :) it may be TOTM or that flipping Water retention that is probalby it,drink a litre more aday and it should flush it all away!
Good luck for Thursday just weigh once a week ;)
I have never in my life craved a Garibaldi biscuit as my Dad always called them squashed fly biscuits, and I've never liked them since! Put that in your mind and you probably won't ever want to eat one again either!!:p

Now if I can just apply the same logic to doughnuts........

If I listed my foods I'd still be here tomorrow, currently I would LOVE to indulge in a nice cold glass of pink champagne & something to accompany it xxx
ooooooooo...get you Cluckers, you posh bird you! I'm rambling on about doughnuts and you're on about pink champagne! I think one of us has the right priority and errrr it's not me is it?:eek:

ketchup coated chips to dip in it????
ah! you are a classy bird!!:D :D