Why am I craving??


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Its my first weigh in today on my restart and for some reason I am having serious cravings for anything and everything!!!!!
Cant believe that today of all days this is kicking in, when I did CD before my first 6 weeks were a breeze and Im just a bit worried that Im struggling so soon this time. I know the first time is a lot easier with VLCD but I really want to do this but my bum feels like its slipping from the wagon slowly:cry: !!! Any encouragement greatfully received!! Thanks sarahxx
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Sarah, you can do this... cravings are just your mind playing tricks... try and keep your mind occupied with other things..(I know it is difficult)... Why not look through a catalogue and pick out a nice bikini or swimsuit for the summer and picture yourself in it, that might keep you on track...



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Hey hun, i reckon its the chatterbox getting to you more than actual cravings! You have done so well and now your CB is probably telling you that you deserve a reward, if your like most of us, that 'reward' will generally have been food or drink related so you need to find another way to reward yourself now hun!!

If you break the diet and give in, you will find it incredibly difficult to get back on track. You will knock youself out of ketosis, and you will struggle to get back into ketosis. Meanwhile, you will feel crap about yourself for giving into food after being abstinent for so long and working so hard on your diet.

You CAN get thru this, you need to focus on why you want to lose the weight so badly, and as Nikki has said, visualise yourself in something fantastic, looking great, feeling great, and lapping up the attention from people!!


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I remember my 1st week where I went to bed early had loads of long baths and just did anything just to keep busy, maybe you will have to do all the things you did in your 1st week again until you manage to settle down again.


You can do it! I think it's definitely a good idea to look at some clothes in a catalogue or online to keep you motivated. I keep going online to all the high street sites and choose clothes that I think I'd wanna wear to motivate me.

Also - if you go on My Virtual Model you can make a model of what you would look like slim - you put in your height, the weight you wanna be, your hair style, etc and it comes up with what you will look like - I find it very motivating to see what I will look like at my target weight!