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Why am I doing this?

Hi - I am a returner and am on week 12 - have lost about 2 and a half stone. But over the last few weeks I haven't been able to be abstinent - I keep eating something!

Why am I sabotaging myself? Have I had enough? Do I need to o on RTM? I don't really want to as I would like to lose another stone and a half.

I have had some issues over the last few weeks but why can't I say "sod em - I'll show them!" - instead of putting something in my mouth.

Any insights would be gratefully received.

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It looks like you could do with a little bit of a pep talk hun. I'd strongly advise you to talk to your LLC and your group about this.
Seems to me like there might be a little bit of a rebelious child waking up in you.
This is the time when you should start tackling the issues behind all of this. Why do you overeat. Why there are weight issues in the first place?
I'm sure if you dig deep enough, you'll be able to find the answer.

Regardless, please try not to beat yourself up. You need to praise yourself and be proud of your achievement so far. You have done so so well.
When doing LL it can be easy to lose focus and get 'bored' but please try and remind yourself why did you restart LL in the first place. I'm sure those reasons are still there...

It's not easy, I should know something about that. Especially towards the end.
The most important thing though is to try not to lose focus on what really matters and put yourself first. You deserve it hun!


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Hi Dalek, second time around the block certainly seems to be a killer - I’ve also struggled with abstinence (since day 1) and I am now week 4. I agree with Magda, there does seem to be a rebellious child appearing. I would remind yourself why you choose to start the journey the second time around in the first place. Remind yourself what your goals were then, and are they still valid today? If not, find new goals to keep you motivated.

The problem with doing this diet twice, is that we know the sacrifices we have to make, especially having lived through it once already, however, we also know how good the results are at the end of it. Focus on the finish line, the positive side of the diet, and forget the negatives (easier said than done I know). But a stone and half isn’t that much weight on this diet, and who knows come June, you will have probably met that target and be on way to RTM.

Good luck
Thank you for your replies ladies. Just writing it down makes me feel better. Unfortunately LLC is not hugely approachable.

Not sure if it's rebellious child or just that thing about looking ok now so I shouldn't have to be strict. I know it's better to be abstinent - at week 12 last time I'd lost 3 stone so am half a stone behind - entirely due to not being abstinent.

Onwards and upwards eh?



longs to be average!
Thank you for your replies ladies.
blooming heck, I knew as I got fatter my man boobs got bigger, and I had a pretty close shave this morning, but am sure my voice is still deep enough to be recognisable as a fella :8855::8855::8855::8855:


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haha that made me laugh corey xx
Bad day today - was throwing stuff out of the fridge and just decided to have a taste of everything - then ate 2 chocolate biscuits and a packet of crisps.

Have been starving today - could it be because it is milk week.

I SO need to stick to this - I know it works if I do it properly.

It is definitely emotional eating as, much as I am trying not to let one particular thing bother me, every time I am reminded of it I want to eat - and have given in to it.


is Magdalicious
Sorry to hear you're struggling but I can symphatise. Maybe LLT is not for you hun. Maybe it's worth thinking of switching to Lite or a different program that would keep you motivated.
I came off LL as I have hit a plateau and couldn't get back to full abstinence.
Whatever you choose I hope you can stick to it and not give up.
Stay strong xx
blooming heck, I knew as I got fatter my man boobs got bigger, and I had a pretty close shave this morning, but am sure my voice is still deep enough to be recognisable as a fella :8855::8855::8855::8855:
Well that was Corey's last post on this site - must have been the straw that broke the camel's back...

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