Why am i struggling now?

You are so not alone, I think most of us struggle at maintenance. I am the same as you. I think this is going to be a long (endless maybe) journey and where we need to do all sorts of looking into our eating patterns and behaviours.

Xmas ofcourse isn't helping. Keep in touch with all of us on Minimins we can help each other out.

Dizzy x
Yes, you certainly aren't alone. Many people find maintenance harder than SSing, especially when you come out of ketosis. I know I did. It's also a really tough time of year to keep on track.

I don't know much about the LL maintenance or how far you are into it, so all I can suggest is that you do your best to stick to plan....and if all fails, give yourself a date to get back on and try the maintenance part again as per instructions.

Sorry...not much help. Perhaps a LLer can help.
You're not the first person to say that either. It is okay in the 'real world' though. You've just got to get your head in a different place....really get to grips with any food issues you have. Kinda scary, but it has to be done if you want to stay slim forever more.
Can't agree more - managing your new weight is far harder than losing it.

When you're on packs you're in an 'abstinence bubble' and you know exactly what you can and can't have. Easy! But when you're eating there is so much choice and "freedom".

It's all about knowing when to stop and to appreciate your body doesn't need nearly as much energy (food) as it did before when you were larger. Eat the way you did prior to VLCD and the weight will pile back on. Simple maths - too much in results in weight gain.

We all (well, most) find it tough. You're not alone. This is for life!

Mandana x
I am sorry to hear that you're having problems, especially at this time of year. I am still a couple of months away from Management but I do spend time thinking about how I'll cope when free to 'eat' again. At our meeting this week we talked about Management and what strategies we could use to cope.

One thing which was mentioned was using the Thought Records. I used these on holiday in October to help me stay 'on the path'. They really helped to motivate me and forced me to think about my feelings and address my emotions at the time.

Remember Carrot-Tit, it's all in our head, it's what the inner voices say to us, it's that Crooked Thinking which has got us fat in the first place. It wants to be back in charge of us. If we are AWARE of the danger we can learn to FIGHT BACK.

I sincerely hope Carrot-Tit that you can get your eating back on track, I will be thinking of you anyway. Good Luck.