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why are we doing this ?


reaching my goal
Hi everyone , thought i would start a new thread about " Why are we doing this , exante diet "? It seems a few of us are struggling today with not having food ! So rather than give in share with everyone why you are doing this , it might make you feel better . Heres my reasons why;

  • I want to be able to look in the mirror and like myself.
  • I want to feel fit and healthy.
  • I want to be here for a long time for my babys .
  • I dont want to feel like the fat one when im with friends .
  • I want to gain control over food .

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There was a thread like this now long ago when people added their reasons to others reasons. That may account for the low response Rose.

mine are:

I want to be fit, healthy and slim
I want my children to be proud of me and never have friends call me fatty.
I want to prove to myself I can do this.
I want to abandon Evans
I want to shop cheaply in Primark lol


Grumpy Old Git
I want to die of very old age and not before because I was fat and unhealthy.........

Also I want to be a sex god again......!!!
Hi Rose, well what are my reasons...

I am fed up with feeling like this, scared to look in the mirror and hating what is looking back at mine.
To feel fit and healthy.
To learn to love myself again and accept myself.
For my kids to feel proud of me.
love c xx
My reasons are endless, but in a nutshell...

1) I want to stop putting my life on'hold'
3) I want to stop avoiding social situations
4) I want to look fashionable again
5) I want to walk in to a room and get that 'wow' factor

Yup, that's about it! (and all the health stuff, of course!) xx
To fit into and look good in a wedding dress
to feel healthy and sexy again
to be able to just put an item of clothing on and not have to worry about the fat bits


Rebel without a calorie
To not feel like an elephant on holiday with the little people that are my OH's family!
Hey, and guess what?
I just changed the bedding without breaking a sweat. That's a first lol.


reaching my goal
Thanks everyone didnt relise there was another thread like this . I hope everyone gets what the want from this diet we are all on this for the same reasons and its nice thqat we can share are thoughts and feelings about it . Goodluck everyone :)
I am doing this because:

I want to shop in the normal section of New Look, not the Plus size section (lol)

I want to be healthy

I want to run about with my son without getting tired easily

I want to be able to wear a dress without tights or legings (lol)

I am quite strange. I am a thin person in a fat persons body. I dont look in the mirror and see a fat person....i dotn feel fat in my clothes most of the time....my problem is that my clothes size tell me i am, my health tells me i am.....and what other people think tell me i am. Does that make sense? lol


reaching my goal
well said mandy , i know how you feel, i feel like that everyday x


Grumpy Old Git
I've changed my mind about being a Sex God.......!
I'm doing this cos having lost my mum in November due to a vicious circle health condition (COPD + can't exercise + didn't adjust diet = weight gain = deterioration of COPD = can't lose weight now despite changing diet cos of meds and no exercise = death at the age of just 66 :() and another friend my age on New Years day from pneumonia where weight was quite possibly also an added complication I realised that although so far I have been fairly lucky with my health I have reached the age where things could start to go wrong and if they did at my weight I was jeopardising my chances of an early or good recovery.

I don't want to be disabled or even die because of my own greed. :(

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