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why can they not but out!

Well thanks to my lovely hubby the secrets out. I didnt want to tell people i was doing atkins because i knew i would get grief. So it begins " why are you being stupid its so unhealthy " ( is being 16.5 stone not unhealthy then ) , " you wont lose anything eating all that fat ", My sister even brought a hamper of bloody fruit and veg around " at least if you want to do something then do it proper" How do you deal with peoples preconceived ideas about atkins, i dnt want to put up with this everytime i talk to them.
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Aww hunny i feel for u! i hear it from my mum all the time! They are obviously not read up on it and just assuming? Use the veg ur sis bought round! jim will be here about his leafy greens shortly!


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Oh dear - i get the same all the time..." you might lose weight but im worried about your cholesterol" "atkins died a fat man"
B*gger off everyone with their negative comments!!!!! as you can see it winds me up too.
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Just point them at my before's & afters. :)

Seriously, yes I had a lot of negative comments, I ignored them mainly and once the weight started coming off the comments stopped.
S: 15st5.2lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 10st3.3lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st5.8lb(2.7%)
I say atkins then i tell them all about it!
only done that about 15 mins ago! one of my work friends made a face so i explained to her wat i eat! she's now saying i eat better than her!
As i sat and ate a baby bell and she munched her wispa bar.
I just tell people I don't eat sugar. They are usually full of admiration! I have no problem mentioning Atkins or Low-Carb but the casual enquiry will get 'I don't eat sugar'. Everyone knows refined sugar is bad for us, right? LOL.
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My sister in law and my mum think i starve myself. Apparently there can be no other explanation for my weight loss!!! Well come to mine on a morning and see the size of my breakfast thats all i can say haha


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My partner is doing Atkins....and the comments from people are incredible........how can you eat all that fat...blah de blah.......you will die with a heart attack.....blah blah.....what a load of rubbish.....btw Jim I showed him your before and afters pics.....which has spurred him on......he has lost a stone in 3 weeks :D

Although I am doing a VLCD I intend to adopt the Atkins when I have reached the top end of my BMI (25).
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Hi all, I did Atkins a few years ago, was about 2 stone overweight and having read about Atkins I thought I'd give it a whirl.

The funny thing was I didn't really think I would lose weight. All I could see was a long list of foods that I absolutely adored. Cheese, butter, double cream, meat (with the fat left on), chicken with the skin (yummy) and fish of all types. I have never liked veggies, wasn't that bothered about bread, pasta, bicuits, cakes etc. so I went on the diet.

I felt liberated. My idea of a cheese sandwich was two slices of cheddar spread thickly with gorgeous real butter. I would buy a pot of double cream and if I felt hungry between meals I would take a swig of it, it worked a treat.

Everyone said "Oh you'll be ill and put on loads of weight." Know what, the pounds just dropped off. I had loads of energy and my various ailments that I had suffered from for years (migraine, insommnia, lack of energy and mild depression) all disappeared almost overnight.

I did get a higher cholesterol level, Though as my doctor said If you don't smoke or drink, have no heart disease or diabetes and your blood pressure's normal, why worry about cholesterol. So I didn't.

After a few years the "brainwashers" got to me and convinced me I should eat more healthily. Anyway gradually the weight has crept back on and some.

It doesn't matter how much you tell people that everybodys different, (as in the fact that some vegetarians are glowing with health while some of the others look to be at deaths door and in need of a good lump of red meat) most of them are horrified and some of them can get quite nasty about it. Even though they saw that I was much fitter and more active than they were.

My sister is one such person. She is 5' 2" weighs nigh on 16 stone, has diabetes, can hardly walk and has had to move to a bungalow because she can't do stairs anymore.

I find that the best thing to do if people want to know why I am not eating vegs, is just smile sweetly and tell them that it gives me terrible wind. That usually shuts them up.

Sorry about the rant but it's nice to get it off my chest. Will be back on Atkins quite soon but will not be introducing vegetables in any great quantity, just spinach and maybe some watercress.

Cheers, Pat
S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
Hi Pat, I look forward to you joining us love.

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