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Why cheat??????

Just read a thread on CD.....which is exactly what I think,
so thought I'd post on for Exante.

I don't understand how anybody could cheat on this diet, and I've been doing in for 14 weeks now and NEVER cheated. I wouldn't want to with the massive weight loss I've achieved in this short space of time...and going out of Ketosis is off putting
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Well youre lucky youre as focused as that but not everyone can manage to stay 100%. People go off plan for a number of reasons and usually feel awful after it. This is the hardest type of diet to do and very few people succeed in sticking to it rigidly.

I do stick to it, unless I have planned days off I dont cheat but my goodness I can totally understand why people do

I hope this kind of post doesnt put people off posting when theyre struggling....
It's the easiest diet out there....you don't need to think about what you need to make for meals, as just have a shake or bar. And once in ketosis you don't feel hungry so no need to eat.
Just think of the end goal which motivates you not to cheat and the reasons why you're doing it - to have a healthier relationship with food and feel good in yourself.
I'm only 18 and have been out loads with friends and never ever crossed my mind to cheat which can be difficult but got to think of whether I want to be this size forever or not. What I want the most?
I think its the hardest diet there is. WW or SW is a total breeze compared to a VLCD.

Im glad you find it so easy and clearly youre in a great headspace in it but just remember youre probably in a minority most people dont and people need to feel theyre not 'in the wrong' because theyre struggling or do cheat.

Ive been on Exante a lot longer than 14 weeks and some weeks are a nightmare for me, other weeks I sail through but Id never want to make anyone feel that I was doing better than them or put them off coming on here to get the support needed when you fail or struggle at it.


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Hi, when I "cheated" this weekend just gone it wasn't because I desperately craved some food, it was simply because the sun was shining, I had had an "interesting" (shall we say) day at work, I wanted to enjoy the evening with a nice glass of wine with my hubby, put my feet up and relax and didn't want to drink without eating first.

Sometimes I think the hardest thing on this diet is the resentfulness I sometimes feel that my life has to go on hold to such an extreme extent simply because I let my eating get so out of control for such a long time. I am now doing something to take back the control but recognise that I also have a life to lead and why not enjoy it! (just not to the extent that evey night is a food based celebration or commiseration of some description!! LOL)

I don't therefore class my excesses at the weekend as "cheating" as such - what/who is there to cheat aside from me? I made a decision that I wanted a night off so gave one to myself. I fully recognised at the time I would have a few unpleasant days to look forward to to get back on the straight and narrow but decided that it was worth it. Life is about choices, eating is about choices, what I am trying to learn from this diet is that I can also have self control and restraint when it comes to eating but I am not about to completely let my life be run by that. I have chosen this diet as I want the weight off fast and this diet does that for me, but not at the extent of sacrificing everything else for the forseeable if you see what I mean). We all still need to live, my thinking is that provided that I am back on track again and still where I want to be then, whatever, it wasn't a "cheat" but a damn great night with the hubby without worrying or stressing or being concerned each time I put something in my mouth! ;)
The thread on CD doesn't quite read like that though, the poster is saying she has been on it for 8 days and feels eating now is not worth losing ketosis for.

Anyone reading this, please dont feel this is how we all think on this forum, we are here to support even if you are struggling :)


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I haven't cheated so far and am proud of managing to stick with it so cannot answer your question however I just wanted to bring to your attention how 'holier than thou' and condescending you sound in this thread - you may want to work on that a bit before coming onto a forum where people are trying to find support, guidance and empathy.

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Hmm, this is interesting. When I first went on Cambridge I used to feel like this sometimes. That's because yes, I was highly motivated and it was therefore relatively easy as I just avoided going out, didn't have to cook for anyone/kids etc so my lifestyle made it easier than maybe for other people. When your losses are consistently good, the motivation is increased tenfold and yes, you don't want to "ruin" it and get out of ketosis for the sake of a meal. HOWEVER, there will come a day when you won't be on this diet and WILL need to eat. Some people who "cheat" realise that and often make informed choices and have arranged "cheats" that don't knock them out. Also, the second time I did this diet (and no I never, ever believed I would have to do it again so you may have to eat your words if you return) it was SO MUCH harder to not "cheat", despite my previous attitude. In fact one night I ended up eating a kebab because I lost just 1lb in weeks 3 and 4. I was just so despondant. So, if you're losing loads per week, good for you, but it's not like that for everyone. I do also think it's healthier and natural to start wanting some food when you're nearer target and that, although you may be delaying the diet by "cheating" and perhaps spending more money I reckon you might feel the same when you're a stone or so off and then want to "treat" yourself.....!!
I suppose a slim person could think the same way about someone over weight. "Why on earth would someone eat too many calories and make themselves overweight?" Because we did, life got a bit hard and we turned to food for comfort, so shoot me! We could have turned to anything, but what we turned to shows on our body, it reminds us daily of what we did to ourselves.

So, why on earth cheat? Because we do, but we try again, we know deep down this is never going to be the last ever diet we do, we know we might even put the weight back on again, but we pray that we dont.

If it was as easy as not cheating, we would not be overweight in the first place
I haven't cheated so far and am proud of managing to stick with it so cannot answer your question however I just wanted to bring to your attention how 'holier than thou' and condescending you sound in this thread - you may want to work on that a bit before coming onto a forum where people are trying to find support, guidance and empathy.

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Well done on not cheating Chazsucks I also have not cheated really but was not 100% TS & I found the post rather upsetting. TOTM or something but it did get to me.

Not having a go at the OP but sometimes we need to word things differently. Your former PM Mr. Major said "Society needs to condemn a little more and understand a little less." Maybe in this setting we need to care a little more & condemn a little less.
I did not mean to offend anybody. Just my opinions which is why we post on here.
This diet is expensive and I cannot get my head round why people would do it if they cheated like are there not cheaper alternatives? I'm trying to get my Dad to find a cheaper alternative, just because he's tried it and cannot stick to it and he sees it as waisting his money if there is a cheaper alternative out there.
This is the final solution for me, which is why paying all of this money to loose weight rapidly is good as I know with handling foods properly when I get to goal I will be able to maintain the weight and not need to join back onto another diet. x
Well heres hoping you are in the 3% that keep weight off then! ;)

Just a question for you, you werent handling food well before you started Exante, what makes you think you will after?
Exante is actually the cheapest there is... youll definitely not find a cheaper VLCD and its actually probably cheaper most people spent on food. So I dont think money is a huge factor.

I hope it continues to be so easy for you and that this thread doesnt come back to haunt you further down the line because I dont think any of us thought we'd 'cheat' either...
I don't want to go back to the same person I was before...unhappy, hating the way I look.
And I have read some nutrition books which have put me off food, so fingers crossed!


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I agree with Starlight re this being the cheapest way to eat! It is only approx £105 a month (provided you do't buy your water or any extra liquids) - my weekly shopping bill for my hubby and baby comes to roughly £85 a week for just the two of them, and that is not with any frills, cheats, bonus items etc - the cost of a supermarket shop has just increased so dramatically that we actually save money with me on this diet! (probably also helps that the shopping bill is also reduced through the absence of wine! ;) )
There's no point (in my opinion) of using the Exante products if you aren't doing Total Solution, which he wants to do one of the other options...do they not do an Asda one that he could try??


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Well all I have to say to the OP is good for you as you can't have problems with emotional eating.

Emotional eating is my problem and what causes me to 'cheat'.

My opinion is that certain 'cheats' and planned days off do have some benefit as it teaches how to make healthy choices and stops over indulgence.

I hope you know why you put on the weight in the first place, as you will have a whole life time of maintaining to do :)
I think thats a bit harsh!! In YOUR opinion as you say but Working solutions is a perfectly good option for people, and it sounds like it might suit him. Surely its his decision regardless of what you think about WS. Hed lose a really good amount on WS. Why not encourage him to do something you know works instead of putting him off because its not what you agree with...

Asda isnt a VLCD and the losses wont be any better than WW or SW for him


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Well, just to put the cat amongst the pigeons..........there is every reason to use a product like Exante if a person wants to do a VLCD but is concerned that if left to their own devices, they are not confident that they would include in their calories all of the vitamins and nutrients the human body needs to function. Which is why there is the less extreme (although still very harsh) option to have 3 packs plus a low calorie meal.

That way a person can still restrict their calorie intake but ensure they remain healthy.
Just put in my opinion then I don't get accused of saying the wrong things :) I've ordered him a months supply of soups and a couple of bars... I'll encourage him, like I did before but he says to himself he can't do it. which isn't good way to think need to stay positive. x

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