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why did i stand on those bl##dy scales

why oh why did i stand on those scales - on tuesday morning weighed 13st 7.5 in morning and has class that nite

was really good and exercised on tuesday and weighed 13st 6.5 on wed morning.

was really good again yesterday - onyl difference was i made the 1 syn cup cke and ate about 3/4 of them - about 9 syns. when i weighed myself this morning i'm 13st 8.5.....

know i shouldnt weigh myself every morning but cant help myself. need to find some motivation to keep me away for biscuit tin today...

anyone any ideas to staop me snacking - except sewing my lips together.
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Honestly, you shouldn't take any notice of any scales other than on your weigh in day. Your weight naturally fluctuates throughout the week so don't get disheartened, think about the reasons why you are doing this and look forward to a loss on Tuesday!

If you have stayed within your syns and exercised like you say, you have nothing to worry about!!

As for the snacking - if you want something have it! But try snacking on fruit or salad sticks first before raiding that biscuit tin. If you still can't resist have a couple but syn them!

Good luck! xx

Mrs V

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Stay away from the scales until weigh in day!

This is the reason why you shouldnt have that sneaky weigh in between. Our moods reflect what the scales tell us and if you are anything like me you will probably think "whats the point today" and end up eating rubbish! Our weight fluctuates daily, so DONT do it!
thanks ladies - so disheartened but... know everyone on here knows how if feels that why i posted. gonna stick to it 100% today again n try and have no syns. also gonna try and run for 20 minutes today hopefully sort yesterday out. i'm sure it was all those cupcake altho they were meant to be 12 syns for 12 of them.

need to hide those scales

1) Take the battery out the scales and tell someone in your house to hide it
2) Chill out!
3) You don't put fat on overnight, any fluctuations will be most likely to be water related
4) keep eating your 1 syn cupcakes, they are fine
5) You didn't put weight on overnight so it's not going to come of overnight

To stop you snacking, every time you think of snacking have a herbal tea or something xx

thanks for taking time to reply.. know everything you are saying is correct. went up on treadmil there and cant manage to run for more than 5 minute, 2 days ago managed 18 minutes. wish had not stood on scales cause know its because of this why i've lost my motivation for running today. gonna try again when oh home from work.. took me long enough to build up to running 18 minutes that cant let it slip again....:cry::cry:


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this isn't meant as a criticsm, more of an enquiry.. but if you are worried that you've put on weight rather than lost by looking at your scales, why would you want to eat biscuits?

i don't mean that meanly! i'm just intregied! i weigh myself every morning and everyone tells me i shouldn't incase i don't see a result i like and 'go off the rails' but i don't understand the concept because for me, if im not losing then i work even harder to make the scales move to where i want them to be.

does that make any sense?! im not critising, i'm just interested!

also, forget the scales! my home ones said i'd lost 4lb this week, i lost 6lbs! and they've gone up this morning too (but its nearly * week so that's logical)


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I hate it when i go on the wii fit+ because there is always that body test, and yes i know you can skip that part but i like to put a stamp on my calendar. Yes I know i'm sad.x
i'm not worried i've put on weight just really peed off with myself and fed up. when i'm fed up i eat crap.

i know logically thinging that worry of putting on weight should make me train harder and follow plan but unfortunately my head does not work like that. hopefully i can train my brain to think different.

thanks for your comments and i dont see it as critism - really need to hear it to help me get through this week.

I think thats the most important part. If your head is in the right place then the weight loss will be easy. If its not then you just set up obstacles for yourself and it so much easier to stray.

Yesterday I was in a not good head place, so I went and read some of the weight loss diaries. Everyone goes through days like that, but the prizes arent awarded on a daily basis, the prize is the long term goal and its not an instant fix, you have to actually put the work and the hours in, and the rewards are amazing when you do.


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i know what you mean when you say that, i get like that if im fed up about money or stressed at work, i feel like the biscuit tin holds the answers! we all have our demons! don't worry though, stick with it, you'll be pleased on weigh day that you did! good luck xx
thanks every one for all your comments. feeling bit better now about it - was chatting to oh too.... stopped rainnign so gonna go out into garden with my 3 year old and run about like mad woman with him. it will get me smiling again and hopefully burn off few cals. oxoxoxo


Wee Doll

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good luck :D

i noticed your from northern ireland where bouts ??

well hopefully put my negative head behind me - managed to run for 15 minuted there and burnt off another 220 cals so that 400 today in total including earliers. having chicken and prawn curry n rice for dinner - syn free.

bath - facemask - shave legs and early nite - hopefully wake up in better form tomorrow and staying away from them scales

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