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Why did no one tell me.....

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Well I'd like to shake them by the hand!!
ha ha - all the soups make me gag, as does the porridge. im a shakes only girl!
I too found the cheese and broccolli unbearable, but being the stingy begger that i am, and not wanting to throw any away, I found if you mixed half a pack of cheese and broccolli, with half a pack of leek and potato, it wasn't too bad!!! Give it a go, if you dare! xx
Oh dear, this does not bode well...Its my 2nd week and I decided to try every flavour going, so have yet to do the cheese and broccoli. Not looking foreward to that. I tried the porridge the other day, and my tastebuds have never been so insulted, nor my bin so full! Wallpaper paste/baby food gunk...ughhh..never again.


I WILL be thin!!
Its the most vile soup I've tasted. It should be banned!


One day at a time!
Nothing that a portion of broccoli and a healthy grating of cheese wouldn't cure - lol! I tolerated it once but vowed never to eat soup again! Same goes for porridge - once was more than enough and even the bin objected!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
I agree with you on the broc soup... it's soooooo vile!

But no one slag off my beloved porridge please :) lol
The first time I tried it, i too was disappointed with thoughts off wallpaper paste. But I tried it again, made a whole lot better with Cinemon (and now with added fruit, on 1000 plan) and I couldn't be without it. I love it!!!!!! Try it again, if it was too sloppy, add less water and if it was too thick add more.:) lol

Enjoy xxx
I have yet to sample the "delights" of the cheese and brocolli soup and think I will be giving it a miss!

The apple and cinnamon porridge I had for the first time yesterday and it was managable considering I had heard bad things about it so that came as quite a surprise to me.

I also tried chocolate mint shakes for the first time yesterday - yummy! :D Will definitely be getting more of them next week.
never tried the soup...mayb one day lol ;-)
dont have any soups actually i live on porridge, tetras and bars ..
i didnt like porridge @ first now its my fav and sometimes i have 2 a day lol
Im tempted to try the porridge....at the moment Im living off tetras....
I love the porridge, plain only though, but hate all the soups and most shakes. Am surviving on poridge and choc tetras x
I loooove the porridge! I will miss it when this is over!
Wow! Jillst, 7 stone is amazing! x
OK, given the overwhelming sense of love for the porridge, I am thinking of giving it another go. (i was going to change it if possible). Am i missing something in preparation - do you blend it? xx
I agree with the consensus of smelly feet brocolli soup but I am definitely not a porridge fan. Can't wait till week 3 and get back to cranberry and peanut crunch bars!

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