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Why do i do this!!


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I am such a self-sabotager. Today is WI, i had the most horrendous morning at work (getting shouted at 8.30am is looovely!), a rep brought lunch and i just went mad. Chicken with skin, dips, onion bajis, and 3 little square chocolate brownies. I dread to think what the synnage is! The worst thing is I've been a bit rubbish all week (even had a chinese as a treat!) - I did some zumba to make up for it but im just gutted I let myself cheat.

Why do i do this? I WANT to lose weight more than anything - I'm so fed up of being ugly and gross. So why on earth do I sabotage like this! WI is in half an hour - I know I will have gained :( I feel pants!

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Hun, thats life, we all go through exactly what you just described. You have had great losses so far and you will have them again. Draw a line under it and start again :) It will come off. Also, judging by your profile pic.. your beautiful, not ugly or gross, so please dont put yourself down x
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Yes ditto......I feel like this sometimes but I try to tell myself that I am going to do this and lose weight.....start afresh now.....good luck


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you certainly aren't ugly - you look so pretty. Don't beat yourself up - get back on track and YOU CAn DO IT again. Good luck.


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I completely agree with the above, you're far from ugly! Quite the opposite!

If losing weight was easy then no one would ever be fat, and unfortunately for us, it isn't easy at all. I really doubt that all the women (and men!) who've reached target have got there by being 100% faithful to the SW plan, 100% of the time. Try not to feel too bad; you had an off week - start a fresh. Gain some perspective. Maybe take some time and out and write a list of all the reasons you're doing this. If you find it hard while you're at work.. take the list with you! Every day you do slimming world, you're getting a day closer to your target. :)

Good luck with your WI, even if it's not good... if at first we don't succeed - try and try again.



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Hey, Sarah-Jayne is right, we've all been there, done that, got the size 18 t-shirt. The trick is to just get over it, its been done, it can't be undone, draw a line under today, go to WI, if you've gained feel free to kick yourself but don't let it beat you. Go home, put your feet up, get all your SW stuff out and get right back to the start again. Make up some menus for the rest of week, it doesn't matter if its not shopping day, look through your cupboards and go from there. It won't take long and will spur you on to get your head back in SW mode.
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You know you made a mistake, that's the most important thing. You've had brilliant losses so far! The slip ups today can be undone, just focus, work hard this week. Don't deprive yourself of anything but don't treat yourself either, save that for when you are at target. I have resisted burgers for so long, I can just picture myself at the burger place near uni the day I hit target, quarter pounder beef burger with mayo and ketchup and fries with mayo and ketchup and real coke and maybe a little bit of salad on the burger, hahaha...

Big hugs hun, you're probably standing in the WI line now... Let us know how you do xxxxxxxx


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Well i put on 1.5lb - i expected it! Thank you all so much :) I feel okay now, I am going to have a 100% week and go to zumba some more - i am hoping for a good loss next week to erradicate this one! Feeling positive :) Its stupid to let it ruin me, i am going to be a good girl this week! :) You're all lovely xxxxxxxxxx
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ditto to everything thats been said here :) i was on holiday last week had 3 good days then just went on a massive binge was so angry with myself and knew i would be but still couldn't stop myself doing it, have drawn a line under it and started afresh. i think the most important thing is to get straight back on plan and don't let it run on into weeks instead of days good luck x
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Hun you are beautiful and in no way gross.... I know how it can make you feel but (for me anyway) food has been a big part of my life it's how I got to where I am. Don't beat yourself up like others have said draw a line and have a fantastic week eating all those free lovely foods plenty of speed food and water and the weight will melt away :)


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Well done for going to WI Claire! That shows courage in itself that you face up to the scales so give yourself a pat on the back for that :D

Its all been said before by the others - wishing you all the best for a fabulous week and a good loss :)

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Hi Clairex, I snacked last night and was not happy with my weigh in this morning !!!! Spent all day criticizing myself, it's soo self destructive !!! What I try to remember is that " tomorrow is another day " and keep it at that and not let a bad day turn into a bad week !!!

lots of luck