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Why do I self-sabotage??


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I missed my regular WI last week (Wednesday) so ended up going to the Thursday group instead. I'd put on 3lbs :(

In my defense (sort of), I've been having my kitchen replaced and the work has taken 3 weeks. For the first week me and my hubby were pretty good and made sure we made proper meals and didn't get takeaways.

Then as the work dragged on we got more and more annoyed with each other, which led to arguments, and neither of us wanted to cook, which meant we got more takeaways and less freshly cooked food!

I don't think I've been eating enough recently, as I couldn't be bothered to make anything, but since the work has pretty much finished I can't get my head back into SW :(

I'm due to buy another 12 week countdown tonight, which HAS to be my last one - I can't afford to pay for group after next month as I'm starting a teaching course. I HAVE to get to target in this countdown!!

Rant over - if they see it, can someone tell my mojo I really need it back!
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Mrs V

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Ok, in your defence, you have not had the time or the inclination to prepare meals when you had work done....Ive been in that situation and had a camping ring and a microwave to use as my only cooking appliances for 8 weeks!
Now its done, you know what you have to work towards. You have a goal in mind, stick with it Hun, it is achievable, but only you can make the difference.

YOuve got a lot going on and have done brill to make meals why all that work was gon gon.

Im the queen of self sabotage so I knwo how annoying it is when it happens
Sending some mojo your way, I have just got in from work and am having the nightly "I should cook a proper meal but am really tired and I'm sure super noodles would be fine" moment here!! xx


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mine has been gone over the weekend - :( perhaps they are hanging out together!!!

My advice is as follows:

Think of yourself as a newbie - brand new, think of what you walked through the door at club to achieve and visualise yourself at target!!!

Write and plan everything down as much as you can - what with your gorgeous new kitchen you must have been moving round those recipe books - GET THEM OUT! make something new that is SW friendly and surprise your OH!

Keep to your syns - make sure you have enough and enjoy them - i recommend wine :)

Set yourself a tiny minigoal for the week - for example - i will try to do 30 mins of exercise this week, or i will do something new with food this week, or I want to lose 1lb this week at weigh in.

Most of all - good luck honey xxxx

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