Why do I want to bake?


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What a silly urge to have! I only re-started cd on Wed, then:
On Wednesday, I roasted a chicken and didn't have any.
On Thursday dd & I made teddy bear biscuits which the family have enjoyed. i didn't even taste the dough.
On Friday, I cooked Salmon pasta for dh to eat yesterday & today.
Today I want to make banana bread, which I love & (used to) snack on all the time.
Maybe I just want the smell wafting around the house. It is a way to keep busy but with food. Or, I just want to know I can resist temptation.
Hope it passes, lol!
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Wow you are very brave cooking all them wonderfull foods!! Well done on not eating anything :D!! I just cooked some rice crispy cakes and i am very happy with myself :D Its weird how you can still be around food and not want to eat, its great i like it :) xxx


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since being on CD ive really enjoyed cooking and baking for the rest of the family, im always looking through my cook books to see what i can make for them, even dusted off my bread maker the other day, the smell through the house was gorgeous


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Yeah I feel compelled to bake for some unknown reason.....have a compulsion to make scones...I never bake...LOL.

I made a savoury flan for our team meeting at work......it didn't bother me when others were tucking in......maybe I am a 'feeder' and I didn't know until now...fatten everyone up...while I slim down :D


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I know how you feel, I have just signed up for a cookery course even though I won't be able to taste anything I am cooking.

I did CD 2 years ago and lost 4 stone, but I didnt really learn any lessons, and I put all the weight back on. This time I want to make changes in my life, I want to know how to cook (my husband usually does all the cooking) and I want to know more about food how to eat healthy food and only having naughty things in moderation etc.

So for me, starting to learn to cook is the next step for me, after I lose all the weight, this is part of the process of keeping it off.