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Why do Original or Green if you can do EE?


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Red and Green Days...

Hi! I was just wondering why people choose to do Red and/or Green days? I've only ever done EE as it seems to be a perfect mix and I think I'd miss not being able to have meat on Green and carbs on Red so just wondering what the advantages are?

And of course I fully understand that Vegetarians will do green lol! xx
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Sometimes I like having the extra HEx and some days I don't fancy meat and other's I'm all about the meat (usually seafood).


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I'm vege so can only really follow Green but did try EE for a week or so and replaced meat with Quorn. I found I preferred having the 4 healthy extras compared to the two and so switched back to green.


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I do red and green for reasons ; I like the 4 HEX, I believe when doing EE the 1/3 superfree should be 1/3 of your plate (as opposed to the whole day) and depending on what I want to have it's just not convenient! Also I've always done red and green and EE seems too good to be true I guess I'm scared of doing it and not losing! I guess we all do what works for us!


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I tend to do EE mostly because I find it much easier to eat like the rest of the family without having to weigh or measure. However, I do do the occasional green days because I like the extra Hexs, but tend to only do green if I go veggie so I can have extra cheese and extra bread to what I normally get. The downside is that on EE you are "forced" to eat the superfree, but on green you don't have to, so I tend not to eat as much fruit and veg when doing green, so I actually think that EE works better for me.
I find I have much better losses on Red days and I like having the option of the extra HE choice.


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I tend to do green as i'm not really a meat eater ( not vege, just don't like the taste) and i love having the extra HEXs.
I do sometimes do EE like today cause i knew i'd be cooking a roast.

I do mainly green because it is cheaper and I am not that fussed about whether I eat meat or fish or not. I prefer to have the 2 As and Bs as well.

But I always have the 1/3 superfree too. Sometimes more than 1/3. Not because I have to, but because it is a sensible way to eat.


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S: 12st5.5lb C: 10st10.0lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 1st9.5lb(13.54%)
Thanks for the replies girls, so I guess it's the extra HE's and the third superfree which is the deciding factor!! I know I would never do red because I'm not a huge meat lover, but green puts me off because I think I would eat too much and I'd miss meat in sauces for pasta etc... but I may give it a go! xx


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Hi, I started SW again in Oct 2010 for the 2nd time. First time I did it they had just brought out the EE plan as I left and never really tried it. Since Oct I have been doing EE days only as I find it so much easier not having to boil my pasta in a seperate pot etc to keep to my allowance.

Sorry if this thread has been posted before (I did do a seach and was found wanting) but my question is: WHY DO ORIGINAL OR GREEN WHEN YOU CAN DO EXTRA EASY?

Do you find you have better losses on one of the earlier plans? Can't get the hang of the EE plan (which took me a while to get my head around)? Do you find it suits your life style better? I'd love to hear your point of view.
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I mainly stick to green with the odd EE day, I too like the extra HEA & HEB.


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I suppose for me it is because I have no group to go to here and I have the books for green and original and it is what I have done since Feb 2010 and been very happy with the way I eat and the results I have had.

For example today I have had my usual breakfast of fruit and yogurt and in a few minutes will have my mid morning, it is nearly 11a.m. with me, herb omelet. Lunch time my spicy tomato and broad bean soup with ryvitas followed by fruit and dinner tonight is SW fish and chips. My snacks will be fruit and I will have a more substantial snack of a roasted red pepper with my cheese HEX melted on the top of it.

I do not find any of that difficult to do and am never hungry eating like this.

I suppose basically it is because I am fearful of change and as my old mum used to say if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Thank you for your PM. It was such a lovely thoughtful thing to do.


I can do this!
S: 17st9lb C: 17st2.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.5 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.63%)
Thanks to all for the replies and opinions (and to Circes for pointing out yesterday's thread - I did do a seach first, promise!).

TBH I totally forgot about the veggies and there are peeps out there that have been doing SW for a long time and getting on fine without EE.
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EE doesn't feel restrictive enough for me which is something that I need. The odd EE day that I have done I ended up eating much more overall because I'd eat the amount of red and green foods I wanted on top of the 1/3 superfree so rather than having the superfree restrict the amount I'm eating, I end up eating more-if that makes sense!
S: 15st10lb C: 12st9lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 3st1lb(19.55%)
I do red days, this is partly as I know the diet from old when it was red and green and originally i couldnt work out how if these plans had been seperate you could now mix it up - I do get this now, its the dropping of an A and B choice.

However I am sticking with red as I get good losses, carbs put weight on me so I avoid them so red is good. I tend to just have 1 A and B choice a day, so if I end up getting a cravy or being abit naughty I usually balance out.

I will probably move to EE when I get to maintaining.


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I mostly do green, as OH is a veggie & although I'm not, I simply refuse to cook 2 seperate meals every night just so that I can have meat. As a result, we very, very rarely have any in the house.
I very occasionally will do a red day, if OH isn't around in the evening, and I fancy having some meat.

I only do EE if we're eating out or something, and even then I'll avoid it if possible. I'm just too used to doing green/red now I guess!

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