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why do people think this diet is easy?


loves minimins

Well i just thought i'd see what you all thought to this, well i was sat at home last night with a couple of friends and hubby, and we got on about diets (god knows how) but anyway my husband mentioned to my friends wife about it and the response i got was like i'd just said i was gonna kill someone, like erm well thats gonna be easy what happened to good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise, omg thats just not good for you and such likes i was so annoyed.

After they left my husband was just sat looking at me and said he was sorry he mentioned it, but at the end of the day i've tried it before and it's dam hard. arghhhh why do people just open there mouths when they know nothing.
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I agree, why do people speak about things they have no knowledge of? If someone has real concerns (as loved ones may well do) they should keep quiet, go home and do a bit of research only then should they give their opinion. I must admit I was a bit sceptical before hand but why would it be licensed to a pharmacist to supply if it was so bad for you?
Ignore them, lovely and just keep plodding. Yes it can be hard but then some days are just so easy you will breeze thro them. When you are happy inside and out it will show and they will not be able to question your motives for taking such drastic action xxxxxx


loves minimins
yeah thats true emmie, do the reasearch or just plain old try it for yourself, i have other reasons i want to do it besides just to look good, my dad has type 2 diabetes and at 14 n half stone i dont want to end up the same, i also want to do martial arts with my husband i used to do it years ago and would like to do it again but not at this weight. i'd feel like people were stairing at me.


Don't Worry Be Happy
good luck on proving them all wrong:)


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it is hard, but best ignored - they will SEE the result in good time, and how fit and well you are - then they will have something to think about! Some people speak rather than think first - s'life!!


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Ignore peolpe who know nothing about the diet!!! as said if it were so bad for us it wouldn't be available from pharmacy's across the country!! when the sceptics see your results and how healthy and happy you become it'll be a different story!! there are many people diet and exercise works for but then there are also many who it does not work for!! LT is hard and requires comittment and determination!! proove them wrong girl!!:)


Size 14 here i come!
They are jealous of the will power, i have heard them all.....
1.That can't be good for you, not eating.
2. You have been doing it 2 weeks is it not easy now???!
3. Just have 1 sausage it's only little it can't hurt.
4. Surely 1 glass of wine won't make any difference.
5. What about fat free ????
Then when you start losing the weight......
1. Don't do it for too long.
2. You look gaunt.
3. If you lose anymore you will be too skinny.
4. I think you have gone too far.
5. It won't suit you if you lose more weight.

Mind your own bloody business!!lol
Ignore them, as you say they don't know what they are talking about!


Yep, that is why I only told a select few I was on LT. I didn't even tell my own mother! Most of people are happy knowing you will always be the fat one! That means they don't have to worry too much about themselves as long as you are there to make them look good!
people are ust jeleous !! The main one I have .. oh you will just put it all back on when you start eating agin .. well yes .. I would if I went back to how I was eating before .. but I am not gonna let 8 stone creep back on .. I have plans and if I am sensible I believe I can keep it off ... people seem to think 8 stone will pop back on with the first mouthfull !!!
The main people who are negative are other overweight people .. just because they couldnt do it .. they are negative .. ignore it all and you will be the one laughing when you have lost all that weight :)