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Why do we have to drink the shakes within 15 minutes?


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I dont know why, but I have often wondered. Sometimes at work if customer comes in mine might be sitting for 30 mins. It hasnt killed me yet!!! lol......
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It's a bit inconvenient though. I'd like to make mine in the morning and take them to work.

But ah well...


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Mmm - cant find an explanation on LT website either.
Oh well, I wont worry about it.
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I think it's to do with the vitamins & the like in the shakes being water soluble or something...basically, I think it's nutritional value is compromised after fifteen minutes.



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Hi guys,
It doesnt affect the vitamins etc, it is just recommended that you drink them within 20mins otherwise the taste and texture is affected. I have stuck to this rule from day one but made one the other nite and forgot about it (had to wrestle my 4yr old off the kitten and then go find the poor kitten...somewhere inside the sofa :D) and when I actually remembered it and started to drink it it made me feel sick as was after turning runny...yuck :eek:!!!!
I'll second gliztybug, they start to get thicker and yucky after a while.
if you drink have straight away and leave the second half for 30 mins you will notice it!! lol
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hey guys, i usually make mine and take it to work with me, sometimes leaving it for six hours!! i leave it in the fridge and by the time i get to it, there is a taste difference but i find its not too significant ( i only take the chocolate shake). On my 9th week now and it hasnt affected me yet :)

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