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Why do you eat?


I will do this!!!
Iv just gone into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and thought about getting something to eat but why?!!? im not hungry at all but i would still have eaten before. It seems to me that i only eat because its just habit, the food is there in the kitchen so i'll eat it. So odd how the mind works!
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Yup it is strange. Was the same when i stopped smoking, couldnt have my morning coffee for a while as the cravings were so strong. Did you maybe associate a cuppa with a wee treat? (biccie, choccie etc) I ended up drinking green tea first thing!


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I go in the kitchen look in the fridge and cupboards out of habit. I know this now after 3 weeks TS. I went into the kitchen from work the other day and opened the fridge and looked then the cupboard then thought I can't even eat so why am I just staring into these places. It's so strange!! X


I will do this!!!
i do that just open and close the fridge and cupboards! i never had biccies with tea so luckily tea is kind of a treat in itself because i still have milk (tut tut i know!)
Ha ha. :) Yes, I do this too. My eating has to do with stress/relaxation. I notice that if I am eating while at the computer or doing work, and I start thinking about stressful things, my eating speeds up dramatically and I clench my jaw as I chew, also. It's like the chewing is a stress reliever... like a dog!! Haaaa. I remember being as young as 7 years old and stress-eating. It's a shame I don't like chewing gum. :)


I will do this!!!
Iv got a friend who gets stressed very easily and she loses all her appetite and loads of weight! where as i get stressed/ill/bored but nope my appetite still remains strong! not fair :(
I went thru a period of about 2 years when I was a teen where I was so depressed and stressed out (family issues) that I became dangerously thin. In hindsight I can honestly say that both conditions are equally bad. When you're too thin, you feel exhausted and just want to sleep, you're cold all the time, people are very cruel with their words and constantly belittle you. For some reason, in our culture people thinking mocking overweight people is wrong, but mocking thin people is OK. But it hurts them too. I also found it extremely difficult to gain weight after I had gotten used to not eating. Any extreme is bad :( If I was given a magic wish to snap back to being 94 pounds at the height of 5'6" again, I would say no thank you and continue on my weight loss journey :) My good friend here in town has lost so much weight recently due to a divorce, and she can't stand the sight of her own body, even though by fashion industry standards she is the perfect weight. Just goes to show that the grass is always greener!

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