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Why do you want to lose weight?

Im sure this has been asked loads but I just wanted to outline my reasons to give my motivation a boost, and I thought some other people might like to do the same.

  • To feel and look fit slim and healthy
  • To be confident going swimming with my boys
  • To wear gorgeous clothes and feel good in them
  • So ill always look forward to meeting friends/social occasions instead of dreading them
  • To generally feel happy in my own skin
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
  • To look good on my first holiday with my boyfriend.
  • To be fit and healthy in the hope of maintaining for the next three/four years when i'll start thinking about children.
  • To be a healthy weight for when I start medical school as i believe you should set a good example to patients in that sort of setting.
  • To feel good in lingerie.
*To feel more confident and be able to wear the things I like in shops not only the things that fit me and don't look like a tent! I am going to really treat myself when I hit target!
*To feel healthy and alert - not tired and achey like I can sometimes feel
*To look a million dollars at my graduation ball and on my graduation pictures
*To look good on the beach and not worry about my lumps and bumps
*To feel sexy whilst still being curvy and womanly
- To go shopping and have the choice to wear what ever i want without having to trawl around 1,000,000 times to find something suitable.

- To be more confident in myself and around others.
- To do something i've been waiting over 2 years on..i'll not go into it.
- To prove to others that it is possible.
1.To feel good about myself
2.To run around and have loads of fun days with my son.
3.to feel confident and comfortable
4.To be more relaxed in sexy underwear
5. To be fit and healthy
just some of my reasons


chunky chick :-)
to be a good example to my 3 girls
to promote healthy living as a nurse
to be able to wear the clothes i want to wear
feel comfortable in my own skin
To be happy and healthy when we try for our first baby very soon. :)
To feel nice enough to get into a lovely wedding dress in the next couple of years. :)
And because I LOVE fashion and want to be able to wear anything I fancy.
To be more healthy, instead of having to have time off due to various illnesses.
To set a good example to my niece.
To walk into any shop and fit into something.
To learn how to sustain a healthy living, without depriving myself.
To live longer.
To look good, and no longer fret about whether people are judging me.


Likes to eat
1. So that I can shop easier, and don't always have to go for the largest size in the shop!
2. I want to feel confident in sexy underwear / during sex
3. So that I can feel comfortable on the other side of the camera, instead of hiding whenever anybody wants to take my picture, or spending 10 minutes deleting photos from my friends' cameras until i find a decent angle!
4. I want to stop annoying my lovely boyfriend with my insecurities. Being chubby upsets my self-esteem and I want to be happier for his sake, it can't be fun being around somebody who is insecure all the time.
5. I want to wear SLEEVELESS TOPS AND DRESSES! (this may never look good on me as I'm top heavy, but at least I'll know I tried!)
6. I have PCOS, losing weight will reduce the severity of the symptoms.


plodding away
- to be able to shop in any shop and know the clothes will fit
- to be in a healthy weight bracket
- to feel great
-to be able to lay in the bath and be under the water :eek:
- to be able to go on the amusement park rides without worrying I'll get stuck
To prove to myself I CAN DO THIS AND NOT YOYO again EVER.

To show I dont need Gastric Surgery ww works.

To look like Im meant to.

To show my children healthy is best.

To watch my children grow and be adults.

To wear a size 10 as im size102b.

To find that confidence I had in 2006 when I was a 'normal size' .
I started to:

be able to shop somewhere other than High & Mighty
be much healthier than before and climb the stairs without being out of breath
be able to play properly with my kids (I have three kids under 6)
and to be a good role model to them
To wear trendy clothes and get them from any shop
To be healthy
Good role model to my girls
Not to hide in baggy clothes in the hot weather
I want to be able to shop in any shop i want.
I want to be healthier and not as tired all the time.
I want to prove to myself that there is a slimmer person inside me waiting to get out and its about time she showed her face!!! :) xxx
I would like to feel in control of myself and my eating, to be healthy and have more energy and not feel self concious about how i look as much (under no illusion this will ever go, after all i am human!)
To be able to go shopping without coming home and feeling lousy.
To be healthier.
To feel more confident.
To get rid of that feeling that everything is whispering behind my back.

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