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Why does dieting make me grumpy?

Hi gang,

Not sure if anyone can shed some light on this... since starting CD, although I've felt ok in myself, I keep having a go at my DH...

I don't know why but all the little things that don't normally get to me are getting to me, and I'm totally over-reacting.

We've had a couple of cross words the last few days and it's doing my head in. Can't allow this diet to affect my relationship. But most of the time things are ok and I refuse to let this be a reason to come off the diet.

Just don't understand what's going on in my head... anyone got any advice?

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Sorry not sure about that one but if you find out let me know as my hubby is on day 5 and is very grumpy I am about to take him off CD if he carries on.
My counseller has asked me to diary when I have my shakes/water/coffee so she can see how I feel an hour or so after a shake etc. She said she was 'talking in her other hat', she is also a nutritionist something or other. But she wants to watch my hormones. TBH I wasnt completely sure what she meant, but she did mention blood sugar levels, as they settle down it can make your hormones a bit up and down. Could be all tied in? xxx


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I am more grumpy with hubby and kids atm, think it is also to do with depriving ourselves of things we were taking for granted a few weeks back. Think subconsciously I feel like I am missing out even though it was my choice to do this plan. Does that make sense?
Hmmmm strange one

I've been very calm and almost serene like since being on cd my hormones seem to have balanced and my totm is now extremely clock work like

Sorry can't help :(
Kerryberry - it's really interesting that your husband has the same problem. I always find, on every occasion that I have done CD, that I get very volatile and easily vexed... not normally like me at all. I have noticed it every time and talked with DH about it. In fact the main way we resolve our rows when I get like this is I go away, cool down, then approach DH and tell him that I'm back and crazy diet lady has gone back in her box for a while.

Sometimes I'm ok, other times I'm a proper angry woman! Alison, I would be interested to hear the outcome when you have been doing your diary and spoken to CDC... if there is a hormonal pattern it would maybe help us to handle it. Problem for me is that my mood swings don't seem to be linked to anything - any time, day or night, they just creep up on me..



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I'm the same as MrsE I have to say.


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im the same, become major grump and weepy as well! can fluctuate tho, and i always find that punching the living sh*t out of a pillow helps my mood!
I get snappy at pmt time so that normal lol, but the only time I can be snappy is when I am due a shake because the hunger isn't there for me I will lose track of time and get snappy then realise its 6.30 and I need my soup.
Fed-up, maybe you're right, I do feel deprived, even though this is my choice. I am doing SS+ and dont feel I need to be away from food... my reason for doing this diet is I know it works with minimal effort and it works FAST. FAST being the main thing.

MrsEssex, it's weird how CD affects people so differently. I find my TOTM is totally messed up with CD and my hormones less balanced than I have ever experienced. I'm on the pill and normally for 24 days a month I am balanced, (sorry if TMI) and my TOTM lasts only for maybe 4 days then completely goes again...

... on CD, I am like a pre-menstrual person all the time, you never know what mood I'll be in. (tmi alert...) I also have problems with my TOTM, I still get it but it basically doesn't really stop and just goes on and on, just not as bad as full TOTM but it's enough to require attention and it does my head in.

It usually takes about a week for the moods and bleeding to start and what d'ya know, it's day 7 today and both my moods and bleeding came on yesterday!

:( rubbish.
im the same, become major grump and weepy as well! can fluctuate tho, and i always find that punching the living sh*t out of a pillow helps my mood!
playing on the wii fit normal helps my mood but punching a pillow would work just as well
I get snappy at pmt time so that normal lol, but the only time I can be snappy is when I am due a shake because the hunger isn't there for me I will lose track of time and get snappy then realise its 6.30 and I need my soup.
Oh thats interesting too, so like your body is telling you to eat, even though your not feeling hungry could be something to do with blood sugar levels then?

It would also explain why I am an emotional eater in that I eat to feel happy, so if high blood sugar levels can make us a bit euphoric, then I guess it stands to reason that when they dip and we need food it can make us grumpy.

Couple that with all the other hormones us women have to cope with its a wonder we actually function! :) xx
Oh gawd poor you wannabe :(

Could some kind of vitamin geared toward menstration help? Could you ask your local pharmacy ? MYbe you are lacking in something ? Then again cd shakes have everything in them!

Not easy is it
here is some info I have just found:

In the typical American lifestyle, diets full of sugar and refined carbohydrates combined with stress trigger a cycle that begins with either insulin or cortisol malfunctioning and results in an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. This is how Stanton explains these hormone-disrupting scenarios:

The sugar-shock trigger: After we eat, food is turned into blood sugar. Insulin is the hormone with the lob of transporting this blood sugar to cells, where it is used as energy. If we eat too many starchy, sugary, refined foods, these turn to blood sugar very rapidly, creating an overload. In response, insulin levels spike abnormally high, which drives the sugar out of the blood and into the cells so blood sugar levels nosedive.
"If blood sugar levels are too low, it is a great stress on the brain. This causes cortisol to kick in," says Stanton. The brain needs blood sugar as food, and ultra-low levels of that fuel trigger cortisol as a backup system.
The "fight or flight" hormone, cortisol, produces blood sugar from muscle and bone (which leads to breakdown). But there's another problem: Our bodies use progesterone as a building block to make cortisol, thereby depleting progesterone and disrupting its balance with estrogen.
The stress trigger: "High stress creates a need for higher levels of cortisol," says Stanton. Again, progesterone is depleted and an estrogen-progesterone imbalance Occurs.
"As a society," says Stanton, "women are progesterone deficient." However, in a small percentage of cases, low estrogen levels are the culprit.
Thanks for the suggestion MrsE, I might ask at the pharmacy about it, as you say - the diet has everything I should need so I have no idea why it happens. I'm a phenomenon! Lol x
That's really interesting... surely CD shouldn't put stress on the brain though? I'm off to bed now, have just made up with DH and now I'm going to sleep to make myself feel better!

Night xx


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I have this too...I'm a lot angrier on CD...for the first few weeks anyway. I think it's two things:

1) I'm annoyed I have to give up food and miss it. I resent that I'm not 'normal' and able to lose weight another way.
2) I am used to using food to calm me down so without it I'm less calm.

I get used to both after a week or two...or people get used to the new angrier me! Either way it settles down!
You know for me I don't get crabby, if anything I'm more cheerful than I typically am but if you think about it we are forcing our bodies to change our blood chemistry and go into ketosis. It makes complete sense that we would have some brain changes as well. But maybe give it a few weeks. I have read that for the first 2-3 weeks during the induction period that is when a majority of the transition and adapting takes place. I would think if you're still testy after 3 weeks, that might be how you'd be for the remainder of the time in keto. I'm just talking out my rear however.
I get crabby and miserable too. Before CD I'd always get crabby when it's time to eat and get blood sugar low dizziness. I'm still getting this on CD (but I'm only on day 4) and kind of expect it to continue all the way through.

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