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Why I love Minimins!

I've been a member of many different forum websites covering various topics and this one is different because it's SO supportive!

1. Whatever people post, you don't see nasty, argumentative, flaming posts in response (Well none I have seen since I joined anyway and I've read a lot of old posts from before I joined too!)

2. People support each other so much. If you are struggling, you can post here and whatever your problem is you never feel you will be laughed at, just given help, or a gentle nudge in the right direction, or some tips on how to overcome your problem, or some stories to show you aren't the only one, others have been there too and are happy to say how they overcame it!

3. No bickering! No snidey "I'm doing better than you" type of posts. That's one thing which really stands out to me! :) If someone is doing really well everyone seems genuinely pleased for them. These "well done, you look fab" type of posts to people ARE very encouraging. If someone isn't doing so well then people HELP instead of ignore. How nice is that!

I'll stop now or I could get a bit repetitive, if I haven't already! Just felt like saying I love this place and thanks to everyone who is part of it :)

Anyone want to add any reasons why they love minimins? I'm sure this will have been done before in a thread, but there can't be any harm doing it again I am sure.

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Queen of the Damned
Really lovely to read this - thanks Mocha :thankyou: I love this place, and can't imagine not getting my daily Minimins fix :)
I totally agree with you. The people on this site (my new friends) have helped me through some very hard and difficult times during the last year. And it has been a pleasure to meet so many of them on our many meets throughout this country and Ireland.

Irene xx
I have only been using this site for a very short time but in that time I have found amazing support and guidance!!! This is my first week of SS-ing and on Monday / Tuesday I really felt like giving up but with the help and advice from people on here I have made it to Thursday and I feel so much better for it!

There is a clear fact that stands out and that is that everyone is always willing to help out! There is always someone that has felt like you do and like you said everyone is so supportive which is great! I have never been on a forum that is so friendly, approachable and welcoming!!!

Thank you for everything already :)
Irene - I haven't been to a meet yet but I intend to one day! I bet its great to meet some of the people who have helped you along the way. :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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This site is fantastic!

I agree that if you are troubled by anything, there is always someone that will answer you, regardless of what it is.
No one judges you and if you have had a slip up no one will point and make fun.
Thank you Minimins for being there.
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How true all you have said is. In addition although I am in a different country it feels like we are all together. Have to agree about the support, have never seen a site like it before.


Silver Member
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Amen to that! This may sound sad but I class this place as being full of extended family at the moment.


Silver Member
I love Minimins for lots of reasons but most of all for the wonderful support that you receive for any issues you have ~ not just weight issues

I have never been on sites like this before and I love it, its a window to like minded peoples struggles, laughs and tears and a unconditional support network where I have made many many good friends

Love to all

x x x x
i agree min i s is such a fab site don t know were i d be without it probably be still at my start weight so thanks to all you guys
I know for a fact that the reason i have done so well on CD is because of the support on here - without you all i would have given up way before - I LOVE YOU ALL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Fed up of being fat
Minimins is a great place ... its the people here rather than the site that make it what it is. Ive had so much help and support here its been fab!
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Couldn't agree more, everyone on Minis is just wonderful and I wouldn't be where I am without it!

Love you all
I agree with all of you 110%. So many of your posts have inspired me to stick to my diet, by reading everyones highs and lows I now feel that I too can achieve what I thought was an impossibility. I now know that if I have any questions or doubts I can always find answers here.


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There're cliques here like in most places, but folks are welcoming to blowins in the main part :) Some of the snappiness is just diet-&-craving-&-crankiness perhaps. I know it can manifest that way with me. Other times it's just me being educated and evil.

I like the site a lot. It's informative, with a huge base in terms of diet types and with lots of people of different backgrounds, education, income and occupational groups. Basically, if you have access to the net, your voice is heard here. That's a good thing.

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