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Why I love Minimins!

I've been a member of many different forum websites covering various topics and this one is different because it's SO supportive!

1. Whatever people post, you don't see nasty, argumentative, flaming posts in response (Well none I have seen since I joined anyway and I've read a lot of old posts from before I joined too!)

2. People support each other so much. If you are struggling, you can post here and whatever your problem is you never feel you will be laughed at, just given help, or a gentle nudge in the right direction, or some tips on how to overcome your problem, or some stories to show you aren't the only one, others have been there too and are happy to say how they overcame it!

3. No bickering! No snidey "I'm doing better than you" type of posts. That's one thing which really stands out to me! :) If someone is doing really well everyone seems genuinely pleased for them. These "well done, you look fab" type of posts to people ARE very encouraging. If someone isn't doing so well then people HELP instead of ignore. How nice is that!

I'll stop now or I could get a bit repetitive, if I haven't already! Just felt like saying I love this place and thanks to everyone who is part of it :)

Anyone want to add any reasons why they love minimins? I'm sure this will have been done before in a thread, but there can't be any harm doing it again I am sure.

Thanks Mocha for a super post :) acouldn't agree more - Minimins is simply the BEST !!!

it was very definitely my lifeline while I was SS-ing !

Debz x
What a briliant thread!
Well, i'm fairly new to this place and thank heavens i found it! I did some extensive research on CD before starting it, was reading someones CD diary and they mentioned minimins (i wish i remembered who it was), so i had a lil look!

I feel like you're a huge bunch of friends, and some of you are very motherly which is so nice :)

awwww, i *heart* minimins xxxxx
I too would like to thank this site it is possibly the greatest resource centre reference CD that i have seen and people are so freindly. I am at the begining of my journey and hope that i will be an inspiration and guidance to others as many of you ladies on here are. Its nice to talk to people who have walked the walk.

Many Thanks

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