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why i want to loose weight!

iv decided im my preporation week to SS (on 790cal) i am going to think hard about why i want to loose weight and why im going to suceed this time.

* be able to walk into high street shops and buy anything i want! not have to worry about the size, and if they go to an 18 :(

* to look good on holiday in a bikini (going in june!) and actually take holiday pics with me in them, not just surroundings.

* boost my confidence, being 5ft 8 and fat is hard, im not only tall, im wide aswell!

* be happy to have photos taken (think i have 3-4 with my partner in 4 years, bad ay)

* to be able to walk anywhere and not feel out of place (too big)

* not to fear the thought of becoming pregnant, (im NOT planning, but occasional scares make me scarred due to uncontrolabe weight gain) and i dont want to ever be fat and pregnant, when the time is right a nice little bump so people actually know you are pregnant!

*to be able to look at myself naked and be proud

*to have a flat(ish) stomach

these are my aims and i WILL achieve them this time. no more excusses

SS to start Thursday 11th January 2007. 4stone 12lbs to loose. if anyone else is starting SS then keep in tough, or anyone at any stage of the process, id be happy to speak.
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Those are a fab set of aims. Keep referring back to them, especially if it gets hard and it will keep you motivated and focussed.

Good luck with it.


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Water water water hun!! Make sure you always have some with ye cos if ye feel like snacking that should distract you for a while til it passes...

Em....if your finding the 3 'meals' a day difficult, then try splitting your packs so you can spread them out a bit more...

Anyway, the main thing you will need is determination....keep to the front of your mind all the reasons why you are doing this and you'll be fine!!
thanks karren, im actually guna be on 4 packs a day as am 5ft 8! yay

im already on about 3-4 ltrs of water a day, as on the 790 preporatrion stage at the mo, 3 shakes and meat n veg 4 tea. (stomach feels like itsswimming most of the time though), but its not too bad, i read somewhere that tepid water is easier to drink, and it seems to be working.

when i done this diet last time (april 06) i couldnt manage the water and suffered headaches and dizzyness, hence the preporation stage this time.


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4 packs?? Ye lucky thing!! I used to drink a lot of my water warm, but room temp is ok for me now...have been managing around 5 litres a day since my restart on wednesday or thursday (cant remember which!)...hope that continues when I go back to work on Monday!!

You definately sound like you know wat you are doing anyway so you wont be needing much luck!
oh im gunna need all the luck i can get, in the long run, this positivity is probably due to ebing able to eat SOMETHING inthe eve, come next few weeks ill be struggling, but i wil stick to it, i weighed myself this morning, and only been on 790 for 3 days and scales showed 4-5 lbs difference. yay! if i continue to loose anywhere near that for a few weeks ill be v happy.
I'm tall too and have lost a similar amount of weight that you are aiming for. It is easier for me to believe that you will achieve your aims than it is for you. But soon you will be believing them to. Your post is bringing back many memories for me of the start of my journey so feel free to PM me if you would like for advice, support or whatever.

There is a meetup in Portsmouth I think it later this month. That would be a fab opportunity for you to get lots of support and tips and inspiration too.

I sincerely wish you all the best in your exciting venture.

Dizzy x


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Some great goals, well done, youll soon be smashing your way through them!
I started CD 6 months ago.

My weight loss was around the average for CD. Approx 1 stone per month. Have had some periods of maintaining rather than losing due to not being 100% so could have lost even quicker.

I even wore a bikini at Center Parcs pre Xmas I whould never have believed I'd do that at the start I just wanted to feel healthier and be 'more normal'. My self esteem was low and so were my expectations but within the first few days I knew my life really was about to change.

Dizzy x
thanks Dizzy, thats realy helped, i know im gunna have the odd day later on where i am not 100% (its enevitable) and last time this happened i just quit alltogether (june06) sine then i actually gained the stone i lost and some (12lbs to be precise!!) but this time im soooo gunna crack this!

regardless if i fall off the waggon im gunna stick to it till im @ goal. i cannot ever remember being as low as my goal (12stone 7lbs) from 16 years old, i only ever remember being 13-14 stone size 14.

@ 17stone 5lbs i carry the weight well, im size 18 and when discussing the CD with a collegue she said she thought i was around 13 stone!!! (big smile) i did let her know she was very wrong, but not by how much.

my aim is 12stone 7lbs and size 12/14, i wouldnt suite any smaller as have a large frame hence carring the weight well!
iv decided im gunna set my first goal, its my nieces birthday 11th march and were going to butlins, 8 weeks and 4 days, im gunna aim to be @ 15 stone for this, thats 2stone 5lbs (33lbs) loss.
That's a very achievable goal and strong motivation for you.

You should easily lose that as you are starting but stay 100% as long as you can. It's hard once you slip and I think I cope with slips better than many.

Keep in touch.
Dizzy x


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That's a very achievable goal and strong motivation for you.

You should easily lose that as you are starting but stay 100% as long as you can. It's hard once you slip and I think I cope with slips better than many.

Keep in touch.
Dizzy x
Your first goal really is achievable hun. I agree with Dizzy, stay 100% as it is hard once you slip. We're all here cheering you on.

Lacey x:)
S: 14st0lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 0st9lb(4.59%)
This is the one!!
You are definately going to achieve your goal in time for your neices birthday. It is also my lovely neices birthday that day!! You will feel and look fantastic I promise!xx.
Go girl yo can definately do it. I would put a lot of money on it!!
thanks to all of you for your faith in me. its nice to have support without the negative comments, i find work friends have a very negative attitude, all bar 1. so im just acknowledging what they say and letting it slip right ova my head.
Im gunna do this!!! bring on thursday SS.

oh i will mention my family and partner are all for what im doing. but i tend to be around work collegues alot more!
today i have booked my summer holiday, on 13th june i am off to Marbella spain, my partners dad n stepmum have booked us all in at a really posth hotel!! so i need to be @ target and on maintenance for this!! 4stone 5lbs to go.....

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