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Why is Cambridge more popular than Lighter Life?


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Not sure why... up until little over a month ago i hadn't heard of any of them. I only heard the CD mentioned briefly and curiosity made me look it up on the net... a week later i started into it and the rest is history. Since then i've only heard about LL through these type of forums...

Hard to say but I think cost does come into it. Also, from a personal point of view the group counselling didn't appeal to me.

I can only agree with what the others have said as to why CD is more popular - personally I like the structure of LL and more importantly for me I really like my LLC, that means a lot to me.

However people do flit between the boards - I read both the CD and the LL board amongst others ;)


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Im a bit like yvonne85 - up until a few weeks ago I'd never heard of either of them. then someone mntioned seeing a friend who had lost 7 stone in 7 months on LL and I thought "right - thats the plan for me then" I was lucky I found a group starting immediately cause I dont think I could have waited to get started once I'd made my mind up though.....I wonder if there have ever been any research done to see which works better long time...which has more sucess at keeping the weight off long term. I suppose it depends on the individual :D
I started on LL (many of us CDer's do!) and found the diet great. Wasn't so keen when they put the price up ... and so started looking around and found CD.

I prefered the 1:1 counselling, flevibility of appointments, choice of packs/bars/tetras, price!! and also the eating plans.

My LLC did not really do CBT - stuck us infront of a DVD and then asked questions at the end - but I know lots of LLC are better and that's normally the reason people prefer LL.

Each to their own - and I am certainly grateful to Ll for starting me on my weight loss journey, even if I choose to finish it with CD.


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I changed to CD although i think LL is great too. For me it was having the pre made shakes - tetras - and nice bars. At the time the LL bars were vile although I believe they are a bit better now. I really needed portable food for when I was working away...making shakes just wasn't viable. I went straight from one plan to the other and would recommend them both! As far as I know, LL is based in CD.


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I`d never heard of lighter life until i joined cd...and thats only because of minimins, from what ive heard from reading posts is that ll i more expensive and have not so nice shakes???...and its a group thing..for me personally i hate groups..the thought of starting off a serious diet in a room full of strangers makes me shudder...and ive been to quite a few lol..im glad i chose cd, each to their own and whatever suits the individual...i wish `us` (as a whole) all well in our journey to a healthier fitter life...

Diddy x

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