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Why is it so hard

Mr Gilbo

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I always start with the best intentions but I get distracted and start back with the junk food and the chinese or macdonalds for lunch. Why do I do it?! I haven't succeeded at any healty eating plan since 2002 when I lost 7st 3lbs. But it has all gone back on and a stone more.

I keep reminding myself of the bigger picture. My health for one, sore back, knees, ankles and toes (tho that one may be arthistis). But I seem to find myself slipping. I have a quote of "Why choose failure when success is an option." Because it is bloody easier that's way! Grrr...

Last weekend I went out with my family and a close friend to Colchester Zoo. We walked all day and had a great time. I found it knackering, and sweated a lot and was generally uncomfortable. The following day myself and the close friend went into london to celebrate her birthday. More walking as we went to the Science Museum, Leicester Square, Rainforest Cafe for dinner and Phantom of the Opera. We both had a fantastic day, tho again the walking was too much for me and fitting into the theatre seat was a squeeze. Spilling onto the arm rest and probably making adjust her seating position slightly. I felt disgusting due to the sweating all day, not being able to walk at her speed. It was just so frustrating.

So why can't I commit to losing the weight. I know she (and all my friends and family) would love to see me lose the weight. But I just can't. Something clicks after a few weeks and I am back at the junk food.

ARGH!!! Rant over..... for now.
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It is hard, I am so jealous of people who's extra pounds seem to melt straight off! I am not built that way!! lol
Do you add in any excercise to your day? For example parking the car further away from work and walking or getting off the bus 1 stop earlier. I go out for a 10 min walk during my lunch break aswell and use the wii fit plus which feels more like fun than excercise.
For me planning is the key to eating the right things aswell, I do up a small cool bag each day to take to work, home-made veggie soup, lots of fruit etc which means I dont need to go anywhere near a shop all day and then I prepare as much as I can in the evening for the next nights supper.......last night I peeled and chopped potatoes for my slimming world chips tonight and put them in water in a pan on the cooker so all I had to do was switch on the cooker and take some chicken out of the freezer. In a bit I'll go and wash up tonights and sort out tomorrow, takes less than 15 mins.
Everybody is different but maybe my tips will help...you never know! All the best, and dont give up. xx


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Sometimes it's good to just get to the next Wi without going off track. If you think that you can't have any fast food till you've lost all yourv weight then psychologically that seems impossible (well, it did for me).
I concentrated on getting control of my eating at first and didn't worry over much about losing big amounts of weight each week.
I know what you mean about the walking when you're out for a special day. I went to Portaventura in Spain 3 years ago and we walked around the theme park in the heat for 7 days. I was like an 80 year old - really sore and achey, and quite frankly it was a big eye opener for me. The next year we went back and I'd lost some of the weight and felt much better, this year when we were there I was totally chuffed with how much better I felt.

Maybe you could just try to sort out the fast food lunches first, and take it one day at a time, one meal at a time. Sometimes 'the bigger picture' is a bit too big to get to grips with. Every little step is a step in the right direction.
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My suggestion would be to take a look at recipes on here & see if you can find some chinese etc SW friendly meals & make yourself a big batch.

When you go out take just how much money you'll need to buy what you need & non for extras like McDonalds.

You've done it before you can do it again.

Good luck;)


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I think we, and by we I mean those who obviously weight significantly more than others, have an addiction to food and overeating.
Personally I know exactly what you mean. I too, and I know millions of others keep failing. Personally Im trying to take this one day at a time. Thats all I can think about, today, not tomorrow or next week. I plan my food in the morning and I put the effort into making sure I have the choices I need. Well I do a tesco delivery once a week!
I get lazy when Im not focused, when Im not prepared, when I havnt been to the supermarket, or when im feeling 'emotional' (bad day, good day, whatever!) but its one day at a time. And that, along with all addictions is the key to overcoming them.

We need to realise that we have a problem, and well get the help we need to overcome it.

I know that you can do it, as youve done it before. You just have to beleive it too.

I wish you, everyone who might read this, and myself the best of luck. Although its not luck to lose weight, we do it if we want to. So easy to say :eek:(

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Its a strange one really. I guess many of us on here have lost and then re-gained various amounts over the years.

To be honest, this SW Extra Easy is the first plan I have ever followed to the letter (by that I mean every day I pretty much follow it rather than do absolutely 100% every day). Other times I have kinda half followed the diet and half done my own thing including binge days and eat next to nothing days. My weight each week had always been up and down.

I am hoping that this plan is the one to change that as its relatively easy to stick to as it is a plan and not a diet. In four months I have only had one gain and that was a star week. That tells me that I have a better chance of keeping it off for life as I have literally changed the way I eat day to day rather than just doing 'a diet' (or rather not doing a diet).

Not sure that makes much sense.:D

Mr Gilbo

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S: 29st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 13st4lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 12st0lb(41.38%)
I think we, and by we I mean those who obviously weight significantly more than others, have an addiction to food and overeating.
I think you have hit the nail on it's head right there!

Thanks to all for taking time to reply.

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