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Why is it so much harder after a blip

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It is really hard trying to get back into the right frame of mind after you come off it, for me I hate the 4 days of getting back into ketosis because I am drained, can't focus at work etc....

All I would say is either grab the bull by the horns and just throw yourself back into it, half starting and then picking etc just makes the whole process worse.

Think about how much you want the weight off and how every day that you put off getting back on the diet is just another day that you'll have to be on it.

It is really difficult after a holiday but just try not to even let your head entertain the idea of not getting back onto it.

Be strong, you can do it :)

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Didnt want to read and run. I think its cos the body has got a taste of the food and is craving more. Also theres the ketosis to think about. I think the best thing to do is say right, monday im back on this, maybe enjoy what you want until then (within reason of course) so at least you can tell yourself youve had your treats, then stick with it. We ALL have blips, some more than others, but just think about how well you have done so far and take a deep breath.......you can do this hun and we're all here for support!!! xxxx


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I dont want to give up, have over 3 stones to go, a long way off. But it's expensive just to be cheating. I tried getting it out of my system, and re-start yesterday, but since then Ive had chips, ice cream and caramel shortbread, I hate myself for not being able to stick with it. I want the weight loss so badly, I honestly do, so why am I finding it so hard.


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Oh dear. I'm afraid I can't give you any advice! it took me a good 6 months to get into the right headspace to re-start properly.

For me...I have an "away from" mentality...as in...oh jeeeeeeez, I am too huge now..I have to get away from that. I reached my limit. I had to keep on munching and get bigger to care though....

what do you think you need to do to not munch everything?


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Im feeling the same. Still have quite a bit to go but just can't get back into SS/SS+ after several cheats and a couple of days off. Think its because Im just fed up with the very low cal part of this diet. Going to try to stick to SS/SS+ till WI a week on Weds then move to 810 regardless of what the scales say (thats if I dont decide to move to 810 before then).

Maybe you should try a higher plan on this diet?


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I am totally opposite and can get back onto CD easily after a blip....I am not actually worried about getting into ketosis really. How about coming off CD for abit and then you might miss it so much and then commit to doing 100%
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I too have struggled to go back to SS since I got back from holiday on Monday and I think a lot of it is to do with being out of a routine too. For me also, it's been a bit more of a struggle this week as my hubby broke his metatarsel (same foot bone as Beckham) whilst we were away and is in plaster and on crutches for 6 weeks - he's been such a big support for me and had completely taken over cooking for the family but of course is unable to now:sigh: I've found it difficult cooking food I like that I cannot eat.....I have decided to do SS for this week and then possibly move to 810, my CDC agrees this would be a good idea. Having said that, since discussing this with her at my WI this morning I now feel I can cope with SS again, strange:d'oh:

Good luck with getting back on plan:)

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