Why is it


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Why is it that some days you look in the mirror and can see a loss,face looks slimmer,waist is starting to come back and other days you look and you can't see any difference what so ever!!

If you can't guess i'm having one of those days:(
I'm on day 8 and normally so positive but today i'm not feeling it.Feel fat,because i'm not weighing myself until the end of jan i'm already telling myself that i wont have lost much or anything at all.I'm doing 100% plus exercising so scientifically at what my current weight is i have to lose.

Wow my head is doing a real number on me this morning!!!Not feeling sorry for myself"much" hahaha
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Keep at it, you're doing amazingly well. Try and pick out some clothes that didn't fit before the diet and see whether you can get into them. Remember, it's just one day and tomorrow you'll feel more positive.


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(((((hugs)))) Of course your losing weight! if your doing 100% how could you not be?
Chin up and just try to get through today anyway you can. We all have crappy days; even when we're not on a diet!

Fill your head with images of how fab you'll look instead :)


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S: 17st4lb C: 16st4lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st0lb(5.79%)
Thanks guys,you're both right.I'm going to take the dogs for a long walk,see if the fresh air will help buck me up:D

I'll be back later with my positive head on, onward and upwards.x


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Just keep focused on that day when you do get on the scales and see a MASSIVE drop because you know that by sticking to it 100% you will have a fantastic loss. xx


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Hey, happy crappy day! Im having a bit of one too! Like you, I am not weighing until the 31st Jan and I think today Im slightly regretting that decision. Its 7 whole days since we started the diet, we want the reward for our efforts and to see the numbers coming down. But how happy we will be when we get to have a whole months worth of reward. It will be completely worth the effort and our patience. My clothes are starting to feel looser and I am not so negative about myself - we are shrinking by the second, and as loveinthesummer said, we can only be losing if we are following TS 100%. So I raise a glass of bubbly (water) to you and look forward to our monthly weigh in on the 31st! :)


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Hang in there hon. You will have lost loads by 31st Jan. I would suggest getting an early night on days you feel down as by the time you wake up you will feel full of energy and happy again.

Can't believe you are waiting until end jan to weigh. I don't have thr much willpower; I am keeping a logg everyday, I know there will be days that are a nill or even gain even on total but I find it motivating for me eAch morning.

Hope your walk has helped. X


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Need2eatless, I know exactly how u feel. I done the exact same the last time on the diet but i was two weeks in. Convinced myself I hadn't advanced any! Only thing that made me.feel better was seeing a loss in scales. I had intended to go 4 weeks but I decided to make it every second week and then I was feeling great about big loses, regularly. Of course we lose weight! Of course our clothes feel better but the mind is a powerful thing. Decide what's gonna make u feel better, no point feeling like that if it is something u can do. Xxx


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S: 17st4lb C: 16st4lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st0lb(5.79%)
Thanks everyone,

I went out with the dogs yesterday and walked for about 3 hours,which involved 2 big hill climbs and the good news is, i didn't find it that taxing so i must be getting fitter.Felt amazing.Woke up this morning feeling really positive.Got bags of energy,even treated myself to the 30 day shred dvd-which i can't wait to arrive.

It was so nice having you all supporting me,be lost without you all.

So raising my water glass,big smile on my face,wishing you all a brilliant day.x