Why is Time an Issue?


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Last night I met up with a friend of mine and told him about the frustrations I am currently feeling about losing just a pound a week.

He told me that this was still excellent and that if I carried on with weight loss at least I would have an excellent start to 2008.

I don't want to wait till 2008.


Why is time such an issue?

For me personally - I am an impatient person, I always want immediate results - thats who I am. Time was one of the previous reasons that I couldn't face up to dieting sooner. I some how got over that, by having the aim of losing at least two pounds every week, which seems realistic.

That all aside, why does time matter? Surely if I am getting closer each week to where I want to be - why does the amount of time it will take matter?

I've noticed that some other minimins members and myself having been feeling a bit low lately about time being spent dieting.

How do the rest of you get by?

I do try not to think about it! But it seems like I am waiting for so much to happen at the moment (not just getting to my target weight, I am waiting for everything!).

So what do the rest of you do? Your pearls of wisdom, philsophical rants and brain dumps would be much appreciated.

Love and Many Hugs, CC xxx xxx xxx
Hiya Curvy

Great post...time is something that all dieters think about whether it be in terms of it being the right time to start, or how long it will take to get to goal, or the amount of time we spend eating and thinking about food!!!

One thing for certain is that no matter what you choose to do....time will pass! Therefore, whether dieting or not you can choose to spend your time doing more of what you enjoy or finding more things to enjoy.

Your friend is right - a pound a week is a good weight loss and so what if it takes you to 2008??? How long did it take you to become overweight...did you think about time in the same respect then? I guess not! A pound a week weight gain between now and the end of the year would probably fill most of us with horror, however, it can and does happen.

The point here is not to focus so much as the quantity but more the quality! How are you gonna make this time that you have count? How are you gonna enjoy this journey so that it works for you when you are maintaining? How are you gonna make up for lost time???? :) :)

You're doing great Curvy....just enjoy the ride!
For me time has become something other than an enemy. I was always planning how much longer I had to do this or that plan to get to this or that weight. Now I just try to get through the next 15 mins making good choices. The next 15 mins knocking back some water. I don't know where I'll be next year, or how my weight is going to come off. But I do know I can get through the next 15 mins. At the moment, that'll do me fine.
Thanks Diva and DQ - I am feeling okay about it all today - just got me thinking why should time matter? I have been treating it like the enemy!

Someone sweet today finally helped me get the pound loss in perspective - she reminded me that it is like losing a packet of butter of week - I need that sort of visualisation.

Thanks guys xx xx

Luv CC xxx
A pound of butter a week is ruddy excellent. And you've heard the trick of loading up a shopping basket with the amount of weight you have lost in pounds and trying to walk round the shop with it? You have done really well honey, and we are all gonna get there.
maybe you could clear a corner in your kitchen and fill it with assorted bits and pieces each weighing a pound.....you'll soon run out of space!!! :D
:D Let me know how you get on with it Curvy....that's if you can get out to get to the PC of course!!! :D

Just keep on thriving hun....:D
What a thought provoking thread. It also made me wonder if I put weight on quicker as I'm nearly always the first to finish??? So maybe I have to spend more time eating slower and lose the weight that way???

I'm verrrrrrrrrry impatient in lots of areas in my life .... and wanting to lose weight is one of them. I ONLY lost 4lb this week on my 1st weigh in since doing SS properly and was slightly disappointed - then thought well it's 4lb nearer to my goal. And you are right Diva - how long did it take me to put on my weight???! So I'm going to try to be less worried about how long it takes me - as long as I don't prevaricate (sp??).
You are so right!!
I know I am so hung up on the time thing, soooo impatient, nothing happens fast enough for me, I think partly because I get bored quite easily and the enthusiasm drifts away when I don't see instant results, typically I start things but don't always see them through to the finish.

But at the end of the day, what's the hurry, if i stick to the diet for however long it takes the weight WILL come off, I only have to look at the before and after pics on here to see what happens when people stick it out,
If I don't stick to it, I will put on at least a pound a week forever! and that won't make me any happier or healthier.
Hey Ayembee and F.G.Eyes

It's reassuring to know that I am not the only impatient soul out there!

In hindsight now it does seem a bit silly to only be focused on the pounds... Friday last week I had a wonderful time shopping for some size 18 clothes. I forgot about my one pound a week loss as I tried lots of lovely clothes that fitted. Felt especially good when I tried on a coat and thought - this looks great on me! Can't quite believe that I was actually happy with the mirror for a change and all the happier when I got to the till and discovered that my coat was only £12...

So pound a week - who cares? I am gonna have many more moments of happiness as I shrink, no matter how long it takes.

BTW about the packs of butter - my friend who told me about this emailed me today to say she had made mistake - she thinks a pound is actually two packs, but she's not 100% sure. On friday I will be making a cake for some friends - so will weigh some butter then to find out for sure!

Luv CC xxx xxx xxx
Good for you CC!! :cool: Today was a reminder for me about taking it one minute at a time, and had a good day because of it. Every day we keep on going we are a success :D
Fantastic CC!! :D You see success comes in all shapes, sizes and guises!!! :D :D
Time? - its what you make of it.

To me, its waking up every morning and knowing I am alive.

Its thinking about my grandchildren and how they are growing, thriving and making my life worth living.

Its looking back on 8 years of battling cancer, and surviving.

Its also looking back on 9 years of (on and off) SSing and getting to where I am now.

Its also looking forward into the unknown - and that in itself can be both daunting and exciting.

Its also time to realise that life is for living, and living it the best way we know how. If we are not happy with ourselves, it is only ourselves who can change it. It doesn't matter how long it takes to make that change, as long as we are doing something about it, THAT IS IMPORTANT!
Cheryl....you have bought tears to my eyes and considering what kind of day it has been for me that is some feat!!! Thank you, hun, for reminding me of a gift so precious that I forgot that I even had it!....xxx
Its always good to share....you just never know who you're gonna help and what you're gonna help them with! :)