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Attack Why longer attack??

I noticed most of us go with longer attack periods than suggested, why is that?

It is a plan that works already, why don't we just go with what is suggested?

I know a lot of people on DD, noticed that the longer attack people do, the slower they start losing in cruise phase!

It is a great plan and it definitely works, so just go with the rules, it is sooo worth it!
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One of the reasons I'd planned a longer attack stage was because of the book and the questionnaire I'd filled out on the official dukan website. The book suggests up to 10 days attack (which I'd planned as my BMI was almost 32), and the results of the questionniare gave me a personal recommendation of 7 days.

Only because of coming on here and speaking to other people did I shorten my attack phase to 5 days and I'm having a PV day today.

While it is an incredibly good diet, the official guidelines seem to be very conflicting, and that's without throwing unofficial t'interweb guidelines into the equation as well. I think it can be confusing as it is so conflicting and people are generally cracking on with what they think is right (me included).

Thank goodness for forums like this, with dukan veterans to help guide us, as I for one couldn't begin to afford the £280 that they wanted to charge me for coaching.
After reading the book I was planning on 7 days attack. Then after checking with true weight and reading this forum I decided to stay with the 5 suggested. There does seem to be quite a bit of conflicting information though, and sometimes it doesn't always make sense that the more you have to lose the longer on attack you stay which wasn't the case for me.
for that sort of money, i'd want them to be bringing nutrionally balanced meals to my front door!

I think it depends on how much you have to lose and how long it's going to take to get there, so how many weeks/months of support you'll need. I'm not bothering with the official Dukan online stuff; I've had a good poke around on here, and this forum along with my copy of the book is going to give me everything I need to do this properly and make a success of it.


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Lots of us on here would agree with that! I've got a bit lazy at putting my daily menus up on my diary, but if you do that others will query things or make suggestions which is really helpful.


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I was coached on the French website. As you say, the less weight you have to lose, the less you pay.

(You didn't read this here of course but I don't think they make house visits to check your start weight... errrm! And given that the less you weigh, the less you pay... erm... I'll say no more.

Except that we don't charge here!) AND our English is usually quite comprehensible!
I went in the website which offered me a 10% discount, I then pressed on trouble accessing account just to see what happened and it straight away offered 25% discount!! Either was still over £200 which I wasn't going to pay!!! Much rather look on here and/or ask questions here :)

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