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Why oh why oh why did I do it? :(

I could kick myself, I really could!

I went out the other night & saw people I've not seen for around 3 years, I'm 4 stone smaller than last time I saw them, I had so many brilliant comments about how good I was looking and how much smaller I was. It was lovely.

Since then I have had KFC, horrible pizza, chocolate & wine, oh and some bread. It is like as soon as I get a positive reaction, I need to eat rubbish! I was bored on sat and just ate. I am so annoyed with myself. I had got into the next stone bracket at last WI and I'll be right back up again now.

I was shopping with my mum yesterday and was amazed to be fitting into size 14's (only on top!) ;) I could get even smaller if I would just let myself do it. Does anyone else have this prob?

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Wishing and hoping!
I think you automatically put a barrier up and start self-sabatorising. Firstly when you feel the need to eat, you need to challenge yourself because you can and you have come this far. The more more you think about food, the temptation will trigger. You have the power just practice with saying no to yourself within time this will come nautral. Also disract yourself, imagine them size 12 jeans you want you will soon on top of the negativity. Good luck and you will suceed :)
I was the same yesterday, all i wanted to do was eat and eat and eat. I finally caved in and basically if it didnt move fast enough it got devoured. But that was yesterday and today is a new start so all we can do really is let it go and get back on plan today. Dont beat yourself up we all do it.
I am gonna ask for a sas log today at class as I do fine all week and the weekend comes and bang its just chaos. Had chinese on Sun and ate maltesers on sat with doritos and wine watchin dvd even though I had full intentions on not having any I gave in to the little voice in my head saying "oh it wont matter its not much" I feel useless now and wi in 2 hrs grrrr
Thanks so much for suggestions & support :D
ilovelife - totally right, I need to do that next time it happens. Boredom was a big thing, we had plans, they were canceled so I just turned to food instead. Stupid! And I really don't want to pass these habits on to my children, so I need to confront it.

Claireloulou - Right, we're both back 100% today then! Loads of fruit and veg coming our way :D

Chuffy_29 - I was thinking about trying one of those. Weekends are always the worst and I think just need to get out and distract myself like ilovelife suggested.

Thanks again x
BikerAngel - Snap, you wouldn't believe what my little voice was saying. It can convince me that all sorts of high syn food is actually ok, 'just this once'. ;) Good luck at WI
I agree that SAS logs really work for times like this. They help you to plan for potential sabotage and also help you understand a little why you behave a certain way.

I know you feel annoyed at yourself at the moment, but try and focus on all of the things you haven't eaten since starting SW. A 99% success rate it still outstanding xxxxx
It is like as soon as I get a positive reaction, I need to eat rubbish!
I know how you feel. I have some really complex and contradictory emotions when people comment on my weight... Or even when I look in the mirror and see myself getting slimmer.

Sometimes my reaction is "Great! I'm normal now, I'm cured of the fatness and I can eat like normal people eat!" (Cue the KFC and chocolate!).

Sometimes my feelings are much darker and I feel like a fraud being thin. I feel as though I am a fat person who is pretending to be thin and will suddenly get found out... So why not be honest and eat until I look like what I am. (Cue the KFC and chocolate again!).

My issues come from my childhood, because my Mum was extremely underweight and wanted me to be "healthy" (which to her meant chubby). My Dad, however, was disgusted that I was fat (and not pretty)... So he taunted me about my size and put me down constantly. Later my Mum joined him in his opinion that I should be thinner and made a lot of "caring" remarks about how I should lose weight. But when I did lose weight she'd hint that I was becoming anorexic... So yeah, I have issues. :sigh:

Wow, look at that, I made this about ME, sorry. :eek:

Back to you! Compliments, hitting the next stone, fitting in to smaller sizes... All of these things should be fun but they are also pressure. So enjoy them, but remember that you have so much more to offer than being a certain weight, or dress size. Work on yourself as a person and put weight into proportion (no pun intended). I'm sending you love but I don't know what else to say... If I did I'd mend myself. ;)

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