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Why Was I Not Invited? ... Oh Yeah - I'm An Embarrassment Whilst On LT !!!!


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Ok so tonight is the night of one of mine and my bfs friends birthday meal.

And, yep - i have still not been invited!

Bf said it was because he told her not to invite me and told me id be embarrassing sat there not eating.

Ok, i can just about get my head around that. Still - duno why it bothers him im not eating but thats not the reason i am now more angry than ever.

They are going for drinks before the meal and after the meal.

I havnt been invited to drinks before or after the meal! What the hell is going on?!!!!!! :cry:

Last august a group of us went on an all day bender to Newquay and one of the group was on LT then - didnt drink all day or ate all day (was proud of him!) but now im paranoid. Why was he invited to an all day bender in newquay but i am not invited along to a couple of drinks after the meal!!!!! (he is off the diet now and going to the meal and drinks tonight)

And to top it - i had a pants day at work - have now got a banging headache (actually the first one on this diet - not bad going hey!) and feel quite 'secluded' and 'left out' :cry:

Anyone offering hugs?!! lol
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Bullsh.... Why would it be embarrassing if you didn't eat? My family weren't embarrassed of me at lunchtime when I didn't eat, nor did I feel in the least bit awkward. Tell your bf to stop telling people not to invite you to things. You run your own social diary not him! Here have a (((((hug))))) from me. You look great in your proress pictures, you can really see a differene
i'll give you a big hug sweetie :hug99:

can't comment on your friends, but can imagine how you feel.

rachael xxxx


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arr thanks girlies!

i am hoping Ray Quinn puts a smile on my face this evening ;) haha


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:hug99: Insensitive twerps! x
haha twerps! i like it!! lol

Thanks for the hugs! Even though they are virtual - still feels goooood!!! :p lol
thats a bit out of order imo


Here we go again!
Friends! Do they know what the word friend means? Can't quite see their logic to this one and think they're a bunch of b*******. Why is your boyfriend not supporting you more and telling them that you are coming? Sounds like you've had quite a day of it.

Sending you lots of Cornish hugs and hope you have a better day tomorrow.


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Aaahhhh! Babe! :patback: :grouphugg:
we :sign0168:

Come on I'll buy you a pint next door and those meanies can just pee off!


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lol thanks guys - i really do love the support you get from this forum!

Big hugs to you Summer, and while I am hugging you, I am kicking your boyfriend in the legs and telling him to stop being an idiot. Support his lovely girlfriend, not make her feel left out. Can imagine how you feel hun, hope he can see some sense soon. xxx
Friends! Do they know what the word friend means? Can't quite see their logic to this one and think they're a bunch of b*******.
I coudn't have put it better myself MiniB. I agree your BF needs a kick up the backside and as for your friends..............!!!! what can I say.

Big hugs Summergirl. :grouphugg:
I am sure the bd meal was boring without you there anyway :D Keep your chin up girly we're with you.
Why would your bf tell them not to invite you? I don't see how you having your water and chatting could be embarassing?! That's horrible, we have little enough social lifes on these diets without stuff like that.


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thanks guys!

my bf has been so supportive up to now - and so thats why i really dont get why he thinks i would be an embarassment sat there eating nothing whilst everyone else eats.

But hey ho! Thanks again people :D:D

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