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Why was it only 2lb?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Kittypuss85, 27 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Kittypuss85

    Kittypuss85 Full Member

    Last week I was on plan every day and lost 2.5lbs, My normal daily routine involves a lot of ins and outs for school runs, clubs, baby group etc, and then extra exercise included 1 walk around a local park - about 1.5 miles.

    This week I was on plan every day, my normal daily routines, additionally; park on sunday 1.5 miles walking with the kids on their bikes, then again Wednesday from school > park > back to where I left the car at school - about 3 miles total. On top of that we now have an exercise bike which I did 3 x 5 mins the 1st day it came, 3 x 10 mins, 2nd day, 2 x 15 mins the 3rd day, then 2 x 20 mins day 4, 2 x 30 mins day 5 & 6.

    Yet I went to weigh in last night and had only lost 2lbs. I was expecting more because of all the additional exercise. Why wasn't it?
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  3. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    Did you eat the same?
    If you up your exercise you're supposed to drink more and eat more super free :)
  4. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    Did you drink enough. A lot of the time when you exercise more your body holds onto the water and your dehydrated. Maybe up your water intake to flush your body.
    People like to say that muscle weighs more than fat and dont worry but this isnt exactly right. Muscle is more energy denise and yes weighs more but 1lb of fat is 1lb of myscle. The more lean muscle you have the more you burn.

    Dont be dishartened keep trying thus week see how you go.

    Sarah x
  5. meadowbankles

    meadowbankles Silver Member

    There's no rhyme or reason to women's bodies :mad:
    I had my first WI last week on Wednesday. On Thursday I ran 4 miles with friends. On Saturday morning I ran my usual 3 mile parkrun. On Sunday I did a 5K Race for Life Pretty Muddy event (obstacles as well as running). On Tuesday I went to my running group and ran a 2-mile interval training run (pushing hard at the pace).
    Second week WI? Half a pound.
  6. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    Exercising doesn't necessarily guarantee more weight loss!
    Whos to say you might have only lost 1lb without the exercise and the extra 1lb was because of the exercise?

    A 2lb loss is a perfectly good weight regardless.
  7. Kittypuss85

    Kittypuss85 Full Member

    Yeah I ate the same kind of stuff as the previous week, but I did up my drinking. Will add more superfree in my day. Thanks

    Positive thinking - it was still a loss and I got my 1 stone award. :)
  8. kezz_17

    kezz_17 Member

    I was in the same boat a couple of weeks ago. Went to the gym 5 times in one week, compared to my normal 2/3, ate really well and lost less than the previous weeks when I wasn't doing as much exercise. I now go to the gym slightly less (no one has time to go more than 2/3 times a week anyway!) and eat alot more, and I lost more last week from doing so. Guess its hard to understand why this is, I realised I wasn't eating enough food, particularly syns. I have made sure I eat at least 7/8 syns a day now (which before i found hard) and it seems to be paying off. Its really hard to get in the mindset of eat more= loose more, but I guess everyone will find something that works for them.

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